Rahm Puts Chik-Fil-A And Gay Marriage Ahead of Safety for Black and Brown Citizens In Chicago

July 27, 2012

Rahm Puts Chik-Fil-A And Gay Marriage Ahead of Safety for Black and Brown Citizens In Chicago


Rahm Puts Chik-Fil-A And Gay Marriage Ahead of Safety for Black and Brown Citizens In Chicago

Blog by Charles Butler July 26, 2012


No wonder Americans and specially Black-Americans have little or no faith in government given the lack of concern literally, that government has for the value of lives. The killing in Chicago is greater than in Afghanistan, but I said that back in 2007.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, places defending gay marriage, above defending the very lives and the quality of living on Chicago’s South and West side.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated some: “Chick-Fil-A’s are not Chicago’s values”.  This is egregious statement given that most Chicagoans probably do not support gay marriage, says the city is over 40% black, gay anything is persona non grata, DOA.  The most conservative ethnic group in America, that votes liberal.

Mayor Emanuel values are not my values and I live in Chicago too! I believe in traditional morals and values. I don’t support gay marriage but support civil unions. I am insulted and offended by people who feel it’s important for me to know how they have decided to engage in sexual activities. It is not my business; it should be personal not discussed in public.  I really don’t care about sexual orientation, I accept everyone to be professional, socially acceptable, and a decent human being at all times, where is sex mentioned in that description.

Sorry to say it but Black folks, have been duped again by their Chicago Democratic politicians seeking to render access to everyone but them.

Mr. Emanuel has implemented plans to make Chicago the most immigrant friendly city in the world, while black Americans whom have lived here for generations feel alienated by a city culture that still discriminates against life liberty and the pursuit of happiness based on the color of their skin.  Black businesses have less than 5% of the city contracts, poor school buildings, and war zone like conditions in their communities.  Chicago residents suffer from high incidences of PTSD in adults and children.  “The Season” as it is known at area hospitals has gotten off to record setting pace, Black on Black genocide.  It has drawn the attention of the national media.

Rahm is more worried about the acceptance of gay marriage then he is the wholesale killing of black and brown citizens in the city, just like his predecessor, Mayor Daley. In the SCOTUS McDonald vs. Chicago, Justice Alito acknowledged the neglect by the city to protect citizens in high crime areas.

Let add another statistic that might be alarming to you in 2009, Chicago public schools over 390 children were wounded, and 144 killed. The city quite publishing these numbers so we have no way of knowing how many children are being gunned down in the streets of Chicago.

As a talk show host, since 2007 I called for the Fruit of Islam, the governor to send in the National Guard, or the POTUS to send in federal troops to suppress the urban terrorists that continue to terrorize law-abiding citizens, through their brazen and senseless violence.

I think Rahm Emanuel needs focus his priorities on getting the City of Chicago under control. We could start with the enforcement of jaywalking laws. Reducing parking tickets to $30.00, a  $40 city sticker, let the air be priced by its value to the individual.

Chicagoans should be outraged about Rahm’s behavior. Chicken fillet is a good corporate citizen, providing over 90 jobs, buying from local suppliers and vendors, and paying tax revenue to the city coffers. They want to add another 200 jobs at two city locations.

When are ever going to get some people in public office on any level that understand one simple fact: citizens make the economy and country what it is and not the politicians, nor the government.  Hard working salt of the earth men and women make America, America?

At UN Arab Life Is More Valued than African Life

May 29, 2012

At UN Arab Life Is More Valued than African Life

Blog by Charles Butler May 29, 2012

Former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan is at the center of a civil war created by the west and President Obama’s call to rebel against all oppressors in a visit to Cairo in 2009.  The facts are that during his tenure as Secretary General of the U.N. the organization was the epitome of inaction, incompetence and cowardice in the face of some of the most horrendous crimes against mankind since the Nazi regime and the Holocaust.

Mr. Annan, in a new role as the United Nation Arab League envoy to Syria, is supposed to negotiate a peaceful settlement and transition of power in Syria.  It is ludicrous and baseless for the U.N. and American to support of rebel actions against sovereign governments, regardless of their type.

The world media, and especially US media has totally ignored the civil wars and genocide on the African continent for fear of shedding good blood in a worthless causes. For the most part the 54 countries that make up the continent do not have much if any strategic importance to G-8 economies, and do not threaten the national security of any nation except through terrorist training grounds for Islamic groups.

However, genocide and war continue to ravage the Sudan, Nigeria, and the Congo its civilians are being killed daily and surrounding countries are bearing the burden.  The BBC is the only mainstream media outlet that is reporting the thousands of people killed, the refugees fleeing from these countries.  The Christian Monitor reports that Migrants from South Sudan have been arriving at a rate of 150 to 200 people per day at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya, and it will soon be filled beyond capacity.

Recently, Emmanuel Nyabera, a spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR), “says that many of the refugees coming to Kakuma are overflow from refugee camps in Ethiopia, which is closer to the disputed region.”  This is receding almost 200 people a day and will exceed its capacity in the coming month.  The refugee camps in Kenya are filling the

The Sudanese Civil War alone 1983 2005 killed over 2 million people. The Sudan war is raging again with thousands dying every week.  The Rwandan civil war killed over a half million people, before it ended. The Congo is currently engaged in a civil war killing thousands of people every week.  Nigeria is experiencing another tribal and religious warring conflict displacing thousands of people.

At some point, we must ask ourselves why do Americans and especially Black Americans, politicians, and Democratic Presidents ignore the atrocities in Black Africa.

Let’s contrast recent events and this blog is too short to cover the many incidents, so I will settle for a few:

Bill Clinton turned a blind eye during the Rwandan insurrection, while 500,000 people were slaughtered. However, Clinton took the lead on the Serbian-Bosnian war along with Tony Blair, PM of the U.K.  Their justification for leading these efforts from the platform of the U.N. were the war atrocities perpetrated against civilians. After the war ended he made sure $300M was invested in the capital markets of Bosnia.

Pres. Obama has encouraged regime change in countries like Egypt, Libya, and other nations with closed democracies (previously supported by the U.S.)  As a self-proclaimed citizen of the world, and a real African-American, more accurately stated a Kenyan American. He overlooks the impact that this Sudanese war is having on the Kenyan government.  Mr. Obama distances himself far away from anything Black, foreign or domestic.

Susan Rice the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. was laughed off the floor in January when she wanted the U.N. to intervene in Syria because 12 people were killed by the military.  I twitted her that 12 people were killed in Chicago on the weekend, and if the Obama Administration wanted U.N. respect they should address the conflicts in Sudan, Congo, and Nigeria.  Two weeks later President Obama sent Special Forces operatives to those countries.  They are finally looking to stop the warlord Kony. Coincidence! No looking for a political chit for the campaign.

In contrast, Presidents Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, addressed the atrocities of all civilians regardless of geographical region. To my point, Secretary of State Colin Powell, went to the U.N. in 2003 and asked it to declare a state of genocide in the Sudan.  The U.N. said the war didn’t meet the definition of genocide. Today we still have thousands of refugees fleeing the war between Sudan and South Sudan on a daily basis.

President George W. Bush, is credited by African leaders of single-handedly eliminating malaria from the continent by funding a “net” program that the Obama administration promptly ended in taking office. And he also funded the HIV/AID programs with more money than ever previously provided to African health organizations.

The Congressional Black Caucus continues to be dysfunctional and uninvolved in matters related to the continent of Africa.  You would think that people, who call themselves African-Americans, would be interested in the issues affecting the continent. Since the death of Congressman Mickey Leland, no one in the CBC has brought focus to the economic development, capital markets and governmental issues in Africa of any significance.

Americans should be aware of Mainstream Media our government’s selective manner in protecting human life.  We are having discussions about funding abortions, when tens of thousands of people are dying from starvation and dehydration.  We can provide the continent of Africa the means to be a global competitor just as we have with Japan, China, and Europe.

Obama Goes Too Far On Gay Marriage, losing Black and Independent Voters!

May 16, 2012

Barak Obama has finally pushed Black Americans to make a choice about him, based on his record. His recent evolution in support of Gay Marriage, while telling Blacks to “stop whining” was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  My Democratic friends both Black and White openly acknowledge their disappointment in Mr. Obama’s performance as CIC thus far, and are not supporting him in November.  His arrogance and self-importance has become a topic of conversation among even my most liberal friends.


I received calls over the last few days from disgruntled Blacks that are verbally and factually more Charles Butler than me, in their disapproval of Mr. Obama.  I hear in Black churches across the land Black ministers that still support Mr. Obama are losing credibility with their congregations.  Interestingly enough I declared on election night of November of 2008, “Besides being a historical event, the election of Barak Obama would increase Americans interest and participation in the political process and governance of the country, and that will not bode well for Mr. Obama.”


Black Americans have overlooked President Obama’s neglect of any meaningful dialogue, legislation or action on their behave at any time in his political, professional or person life.  He has eluded anything remotely connected to Black Americans.  This includes the overt exclusion of a Black American from a formal cabinet post, (Eric Holder is clear that he is a Barbadian, not African American), which has not happened in decades.  Since election day I have compared Mr. Obama to Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter and in the last week the parallels could not have become clearer with the Putin/G8 debacle, refusing to address the Russia’s preemptive strike threat on the U.S and NATO, and Gay Marriage support.


Mr. Obama’s support of Gay Marriage is tantamount to and or exceeds President Carter’s gaff of “I asked Amy what was the most important issue … and she said nuclear weaponry” moment.  Mr. Obama claims that Sasha and Malia influenced his view on same-sex activity.  I think as an adult and loving parent their views should have been alarming to him, instead of revisionary.  He should have used it as a teaching moment to say: homosexuality is forbidden in the eyes of God through the written word, and he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and created the Great Flood to do a RESET.


I heard from friends that at their (Black) church services the pastors were declaring last Sunday that it was Obama’s white liberal mother’s side of him that influenced his to support of Gay Marriage.  I have shared more than a few laughs about that the last few days. Too funny!  Totally not P.C. but I am just repeating a reoccurring incident that’s out there among friends.


Remember, when polled most White Americans thought of him as half-white in their reason to vote for him.  Black Americans like Africans are not tolerant of homosexuality from a moral perspective as reflected in the Prop 8 vote in California last year.  It’s connected to a strong social conservative perspective and belief in the Bible.


However, the Black church has long been a haven for Black homosexuals in the choir and for their generous contributions to the collection plate.  The Black clergy has long had a dichotomy with the gay issue in its ranks and congregations.  Booker T. Washington often criticized the Black clergy for the proclivity to sexual indiscretions and promiscuity.   In the Black American community openly gay ministers were/are popular and well-financed.  I can remember people speaking of Prophet Jones and Sweet Daddy Grace in the 50’s and 60’s.  My family strongly disapproved of both men and thought they made a mockery of religion and the race with their feminine behavior.


The Obama’s have been given a pass by the Black clergy and Black media for their overt transgressions over the years against Black Americans and their interests.   The Obama’s have taken healthcare away from the poor at University of Chicago Hospital, cut funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the first year in office refused to do commencement speeches at HBCUs, ignored Black contracting projects, supported the racist employment system of big unions, and the list goes on.  The media appointed Black Leaders would have yelled racist and racism at the top of their Democratized voices, if a Republican President had blatantly ignored Black issues, and the urban agenda.


Obama has disrespected Black America with disregard “in your face” style similar to Woodrow Wilson.  His speech last year to the Congressional Black Caucus was one of the most racist, and embarrassing I have ever heard directed at Black Americans.  In the spiritual style of a Black preacher Mr. Obama told Black folks to “Stop complaining, stop whining, and take off your bedroom slippers…” In other words Aunt Jemima take off that head rag, house coat and house shoes and make some noise for me.  He has never spoken to any other group that way?  The members of the CBC were upset and angry and publicly criticized President Obama for his remarks.  The audacity of this weak, feminine, girlie man-acting dude was an affront of the highest nature. 


My observation is that the Black vote is irrelevant in 2012, as it was 2010.   Mr. Obama’s campaign and others are not concerned about whether they have Blacks vote for the ticket or not.  They are seeking the Latino vote.  Dave Plouffe seemed almost giddy in his book about the campaign and the fact that they didn’t need to spend any serious money to get the Black vote.  The irony of the strategy is that Barack agreed with the decision not to spend advertising dollars with Black media across the country.


We cannot allow politicians or Hollywood to define our morals and values.  Regardless, of the version of the Bible or the translation it is still the same, homosexual activity is unacceptable and unnatural behavior in God’s eyes.  Those of us that believe in the scriptures as written and interpreted over the years, have the right to practice our religious beliefs.


It is time to elect a President who believes that marriage is between a man and woman.  It is time to elect a President who teaches his children morals and values and not the other way around.  It is time to have for someone to represent the American people and the world.  It is time for America to embrace opportunity and justice for all.


The Obamas’ declare an interest in obesity in school children when they know that in 2009 in the Chicago Public School system almost 400 were wounded and 144 killed by gunfire in 2009.  How can children run and play in these warzone-like neighborhoods.  Barack Obama goes to war in Libya, but will not declare a stop to Black school children being killed in the streets of Chicago, a few blocks from his Kenwood home, (not to mention other urban centers) something is missing.


The majority of Black Americans are social and fiscal conservatives by the classic political definitions.  Mr. Obama is a classic liberal, converted Christian (from Islam), and an admitted non-African American by life experience.  If Blacks give him a pass on the Gay issue they deserve the continued exclusion from the national discourse that emanates from the White House.


After all, how can anyone take a group of people serious that continues to vote for a party label instead of their own self-interests and candidates records?  I am sure the great Black leaders of the past like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Charles Houston, Thurgood Marshall are turning over in their graves from the embarrassment of Black Americans continued lack of intellect, and sophistication when it comes to exercising of their “right to vote”.





Obama’s vision of being a citizen of world hurts Americans at home!

May 10, 2012

Over the last few days I have waited for the mainstream media (MSM) to address some of the issues facing America on the global stage, and so far I have been very disappointed.

I know many of you are wondering what in the heck is Charles talking about now? My hope is that you take the time to do more research about the topics and issues I raise in this short blog and encourage others to do the same.  Then call your Congressman, and Senators with your opinion.

Why is the American MSM discussing Gay Marriage instead of the impact of Russia’s new incoming president, former KGB operative, Vladimir Putin on U.S./Russia relations?  Mr. Putin is violently suppressing the protestors and consolidating political power once again, and the MSM is not reporting on it.  Russia’s most Senior military officer, Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov has warned that Russia may preemptively use “destructive force” and strike American NATO missile defense sites.  The most informative and balanced article I read was in the Times of Israel, they got it right.  You can Google other articles and videos but this very good article on the real issue.  The 2010 START treaty was an American give away by the Obama Administration in the opinion of defense experts on both sides of the aisle.  Then again Mr. Obama, told us his goal is to have a “Non Nuclear World”.  Russian Television (RT) presents their side and it is very weak, but the commentators speak perfect English!

Now, go back and read the beginning of the above paragraph and explain to yourself, how could this topic have not been a major story in the American media.  Russia, threatens a preemptive strike on the U.S. and NATO and it is not the topic is evening or morning news?

The little, if any discussion about this story in the news shows degree of protection the MSM affords Pres. Obama and his administration.  Mr. Sarkozy, and Mr. Netanyahu have publicly referred to Mr. Obama as weak and naïve about world affairs.  Others have been more kind but, critical of his lack of leadership and conviction to any position.

Sunday’s media tour for Obama’s administration was about the issue of Gay Marriage, an emotional social issue for the country.  Meanwhile, the government’s April report on jobs and unemployment numbers were down and we are listening to a campaign pitch from surrogates. Marriage is important to all of our citizens.  I get it!  But, so is the “elected” job of President and Vice President of the United States of America.

Mr. Obama was elected to head the Executive Branch of government, and tasked with enforcing laws, like the SCOTUS rulings, Congressional legislation, Defense of Marriage Act, and Federal Immigration Laws.  Thus far, the esteemed constitutional law professor (not true, a U of C senior lecturer) usurps the Constitution, because he states, “it is outdated”, and does an end run on the Congress with a Czar hierarchy and the use of federal agencies to govern.

Last year, Mr. Obama signed the United Nations Law Of The Sea Treaty, using an Executive Order.  As an esteemed constitutional law professor and former U.S. Senator he knows the treaty will be considered non-binding and illegal.  The LOST treaty, basically gives away our sovereign independence as a nation.  And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Read about it here, for yourself.  The Washington elitist, with their taxpayer-paid 24/7 security guards and transportation should try living without those amenities on the Southeast side of Washington, D.C. for a few days.  I am sure their stance on gun control and efficiency of public transportation would change drastically.

Should remind you that both Barack and Hillary were U.S. Senators and know that a treaty needs 2/3 of the Senate vote to be ratified. The U.S. never ratified joining, Wilson’s brainchild, The League of Nations, but the lame duck Senate of 2012 may vote to pass numerous legislative bills that the American will be voting out in November.

The Obama Administration wants us to focus on the issue of Gay Marriage, which affects less than 1% of the American population, he and his Czars are signing treaties and making policies that adversely affect 99% of the country.

In March of 2009 I foresaw several parallels between President Obama, Presidents’ Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter.  In the case of Wilson, their Ivy League academic backgrounds (Disneyland-like) and visionary nativity about the state of the country and the world seems to be out of touch to the ordinary citizen of U.S.  In the case of Jimmy Carter, one termer because of his policies and beliefs, not the color of his skin.



Chicago Suntimes wants to puts Young Illegal Immigrants Ahead of American Youth

April 30, 2012

Response to Editorial in the Chicago Suntimes

Editorial Page Chicago Suntimes Give Young Illegal Immigrants a chance Dream Act

Letter to Editor

The “Give young immigrants a chance with Dream Act” is discriminatory against American children born here, who speak English and whose parents pay taxes.  It is truly amazing how generous liberal Americans are to every group that comes to these shores. However, exhibit open hostility and outrage at any attempt at equality for Black American  and poor citizens.  My concerns and thoughts are for all Americans, but in this response it is specifically for Black and poor Americans.

First, how about hiring some skilled and unskilled workers and sizable contracts to Black Americans and all small businesses on the $15 billion O’Hare Modernization Project (OMP).  The city keeps the numbers closed but it is rumored that Blacks have less than 1% of the contracts and little if any meaningful employment.  Second, no taxpayer- funded job, have a bi-lingual requirement, except as related, to non-English related activities with foreigners (whom if they are professional speak perfect English).

I get tired of hearing the phase we are a nation of immigrants, that is a blatant lie, and it should be an affront to any intelligent American.  I am a proud American descendant of African slaves brought to these shores in chains, against their will, to build the American Dream in the 1700’s for others.  For generations the men and woman in my family endured the legal denial of their basic alienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, until the enforcement of Civil Rights Acts in the late 1960’s by Pres. Nixon.

In 1972 my political mentor, Dr. Arthur Fletcher was threaten with death here in Chicago, trying to integrate the trade unions with Blacks.  That’s when Pres. Richard M. Nixon called Mayor Daley and threatened to send the 101st Airborne to Chicago and march down Michigan Ave if he didn’t return safely to the Oval Office the next day.

The truth is Dr. Martin Luther King stated that liberals turned their backs on the Civil Rights Movement after the passage of the Voting Rights Bill in 1964.  In truth Dr. King was disappointed in JFK, LBJ and the moral character of Americans towards its Colored brethren up to his death.  In Why We Can’t Wait King observed: “Whenever this issue of compensatory or preferential treatment for the Negro is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree; but he should ask nothing more.”

Chicago’s South and West sides are nothing but, undeclared war zones for the residents, children, and businesses.  We have/had more people getting killed in Black communities across the country than in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars monthly at it highest peak. I stated numerous times on WVON that Mayor Daley refused to protect Black citizens from crime, violence, and socio-economic chaos.  Justice Alito concluded and opinioned the same in the McDonald vs. City of Chicago gun lawsuit in 2010.

I have a Dream that Black and poor American children live in decent neighborhoods without Urban Terrorists (gangs), bullies in class, pedophiles and felons placed back into their communities to prey on them.  I have a Dream that their parents have good jobs and retirement income.  I have a Dream that little Black and poor boys and girls grow up to be productive citizens and old men.

My Dream Act is that Americans would follow the lead of Barbara Jordan, the first black woman to serve in Congress from the south, testified before Congress on immigration policy in 1995 that an effective policy would deem that that “those who should not be here will be required to leave.”

Larry Summers Tells Falsehoods For BHO

April 29, 2012

Larry Summers blatantly misquoted the findings of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Pres. Obama’s 2013 budget.  In his article (dated April 27th) entitled, “Time for Romney to release a credible budget”, he completely ignored the fact that President Obama’s 2013 budget was rejected by the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 414-0 on March 28th of this year.  Embarrassing?


Mr. Summers suffers from a disease that seems to be common to his ilk of paternal, ultra-liberal, nanny-state minded elitists- ignoring the simple facts.  Today’s Democrats follow a pattern of telling the same lies over, and over, over again until people believe they are telling the truth.  Mr. Obama is the master of this strategy, but it has grown stale on the American public.


Mr. Summers referred to the Congressional Budget Office a non-political scorekeeper.  We remember that during the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) debate in July 2009, Mr. Obama invited the CBO Executive Director, Douglas Elmendorf to the Oval Office for a chat on the CBO’s negative report on AHA savings and cost. A bold gesture that proved a public relations debacle for the President Obama.


I read both CBO reports on President Obama’s 2013 budget.  In the CBO’s report titled An Analysis of the President’s 2013 Budget March 2012, the words stabilizing or sustainable were never used.  In the CBO The Economic Impact of the President’s 2013 Budget April 2012, stabilize is used twice and sustainable once in the report.


Mr. Summers is referring to the paragraph below in his article:


By CBO’s estimates, the President’s budgetary proposals would roughly stabilize the ratio of debt to GDP from 2020 through 2022, before their macroeconomic effects are taken into account. When those effects are incorporated in the estimate, the ratio rises modestly over those years, primarily because the higher deficits under the proposals, compared with those under current law, would raise interest rates and increase interest payments on the federal debt. If the ratio of debt to GDP continued to rise after 2022, the budgetary effects on economic output would become increasingly negative as rising debt crowded out growing amounts of productive capital. Moreover, interest rates would continue to rise, increasing interest payments and therefore deficits and accelerating the erosion of economic output. Ultimately, unabated increases in the ratio of debt to GDP are not sustainable.

If Mr. Summers had summarized the entire paragraph it is clear that the ratio of debt to GDP would be stabilized for only two years, 2020-2022, according to the CBO report.  Additionally, the CBO report concluded, “budgetary effects on economic output would become increasingly negative…  The report is clear about the negative effect of Pres. Obama’s 2013 budget on the economy long-term, and short-term positive effects happening without the implementation of his policies.

Gov. Romney budget plan reduces marginal tax rates by reducing tax expenditures in the spirit of Bowles-Simpson and will pass muster with both the House and Senate. His vision of fairness will chart a path to a better America for all of our citizens through our freedom of ingenuity and the ability to manufacture, distribute and consume as a nation.  His moral compass will reinforce to the world that we are nation of laws and a world leader that will be projected from the Office of the President.  The enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act, Immigration laws, and obeying the Constitution will not be a option for the Romney Administration, it will be their mantra.

Mr. Summers must remember he worked for the one and only Slick Willie, Barack Obama is not one iota of the politician Bill Clinton is in his sleep.  The best thing about the election of Pres. Obama is that it awakened the American people to get involved in the political process again.


April 17, 2012

Over the past two weeks we have been discussing the War on Moms.  Both Democrats and Republicans have taken the august position of championing motherhood. My interest in this topic was peaked when I saw Melissa Harris-Perry do a 30 min. segment on War on Moms on MSNBC last Saturday.


On this topic I want to paraphrase President Obama’s comment to the Congressional Black Caucus in saying to the vocal minority of American Working Women “shut up and quit whining”. Poor mothers and most Black mothers historically worked outside of the home and took care of their families in a traditional manner without complaint.


The concept of today’s Tiger Mom, is the way Black American mothers raised their children before the government got involved in financing family decisions in the 1960’s through various well intended, but flawed social welfare programs.  Thusly it led to the decline in the Black American family and missed opportunities up the ladder to success, foretold by advisor to President Johnson, former U.S. Senator Daniel Moynihan.


Hillary Rosen’s comment that Ann Romney “had never worked a day in her life” was surely ill advised, and a poor choice of words.  All mothers, whether stay at home or not should be respected and praised for raising productive citizens.


Neither Melissa, nor her guests ever mentioned how for generations Black Mothers raised White Americans children all day, did all the household chores, as well as raise their own families and clean their own homes year after year.  These women were the proud mother’s of military men and women, doctors, lawyers, nurses, attorneys, teachers, factory workers and civil servants. Domestic work was the major means of employment income for most Black women until the 1970’s and the Nixon’s Affirmative Action and Woman’s Movement took shape.


I found it interesting the way that Mellissa kind of shirted around the issues that could have lead to more interesting debate, than that of professional working women.  She noted that Eleanor Roosevelt, “…. although wealthy she did a lot of work with the poor”.  Her children were raised by nannies and domestics, mentioned in biographies of Eleanor, whom she found indispensable, raising of her children.


However, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote the New Deal Social Security legislation, he excluded two areas of employment, domestic and agriculture labor, which at that time provided livelihood for over 90% of Black Americans. I like many conservative historians conclude that Pres. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies adversely affected the social and economic gains of Black Americans for decades to come.


An example of how engrained the use of Black domestics were to the raising of children in our country we can look at Hollywood, and the maids listed are only a few.  Hattie McDaniel was the 1st Black actress to receive an Academy award, for her supporting role in Gone With The Wind. She said “I can be a maid for $7 a week or I can play a maid for $700 a week.  Of 17 Black actresses nominated for Best Supporting Actress 8 had roles as domestics or a helper of some type. Out of 9 Black actresses nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, 4 were domestic workers or helpers.  Try finding a little Shirley Temple movie of the 30’s without a Black domestic helper.


Melissa, posed and interesting question that her guests kind of boo-booed. “That’s been part of the angsts if it is good for a middle class woman with resources to be home her under aged kids who are not yet school age, then shouldn’t we also think that is good for a poor woman to be home with her children who are not yet in kindergarten and in that sense the entire Welfare to work politics was moving against valuing stay at home Moms.” Well, who should fund a poor woman staying home? Is there a right to have the government fund your parenthood?  If you can’t afford children, then you shouldn’t have any until you can support them without government assistance, simple.


Joanne Bamberger interjected “You can’t have a world where it is o.k. for privileged Moms and middle class Moms who have the means to stay at home…. And it not O.K., for lower income class women to do that.  …Then why do Republicans go against the Family Medical Leave Act…can’t have it both ways?


I find both Melissa and Joanne reasoning flawed for the following reasons.  First of all having children is a matter of personal and financial responsibility shared between a man and woman.  It should be a bilateral instead of a unilateral decision as it often is in lower socio-economic communities.  Since the enactment of President Johnson’s Great Society programs of the 60’s women having babies without financial support have meant access to decent financial subsistence i.e. source of income, housing, general welfare assistance and even paid education. We should maximum state and federal resources to assist single mothers, and families that have their first unexpected child.  However, after the first child we should cap assistance package at that level regards of the number of children produce by the single mother or the family.


Whatever happened to getting an education/trade, married, saving money to buy a home, then having children when you can afford them?  People used to have only the number of children you could afford on the family’s income.  This was before the advent of birth control products in the late 1960’s.  Women should not be entitled to government financial assistance Just Because They Have a Womb!, and want to start a family. The taxpayer should not fund irresponsible behavior and decisions.


We all know about the generations of Blacks and poor Whites on welfare since the 1960’s, before Pres. Johnson’s attack on the American Family, chronically poor people rarely received public assistance of any kind.  Under President Johnson’s welfare policies the federal and state government provided a woman with children, and without a man in the home, more money than the man could bring home working an honest 40-hour week job.


Yes, there is a difference between economic classes in this country and there should be based on a family’s financial ability to make decisions that impact the family. Melissa, Joanne and Ellen Bravo are pushing for the taxpayers and employers to fund the raising of children.  We are not a socialist nation and people have to make decisions based on their ability to fund their lifestyle.


I want a Gulfstream 10 to fly around the country stay in the best hotels, play golf and give speeches.  Will the government fund my lifestyle decision for me?


Today many men help out with household chores.  There isn’t the stigma attached to going domestic work, or child rearing that it used to have five years ago.  In our modern society it is necessary and enjoyable for most men that I know. When I was growing up everybody pitched in to get things done in the families in my neighborhood.  My Dad didn’t wash dishes, but my brothers and I did every night.  We did all the yard work too and cleaned our rooms before we left for school in the morning.


It has been my experience as an adult that of my friends participated in household chores without a second thought. I guess that’s because they were most military officers.  They were secure in their manhood and wanted to do whatever to spend more time with their family.  In order to do that, things needed to get done, no gender roles, just tasks to be completed.


If modern professional women are going to treat as equals in the workplace then they will have to do what Black American and Tiger Mothers having been doing for generations, get in gear and get the job done and be quiet.


Too many American Mothers today want to be BFF with their children instead of parents. People like me very little sympathy for mothers of unruly and undisciplined  children, because their mother’s feel guilty for not spending more time at home with them.


It is a choice for some women to stay at home and a necessity that others work and the reverse is true.  The results of those decisions are a personal or family matter.  I do not think that  it should be subject to public discourse and drive taxpayer-funded policies of the entire country.


The Disingenuous Black Leadership of 2012

April 1, 2012

Blog by Charles Butler, March 27, 2012

It seems that the self-appointed and media-selected black leadership today will do anything to keep the racial schism well and alive in America.  Whether it is supporting a Presidential candidate without any executive level experience, and a known racial opportunist, or protecting criminals and in the Black community under the guise of racial oppression.  Remember, “A person’s liberalism seems to be related to the distance they are from the problem” Whitney Young.

Since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968, media selected Black leaders continue to promulgate a racial schism in race relations in America. This has contributed to the steady decline and decimation of the black community separated from mainstream America by self-imposed segregation.  President Obama told the Congressional Black Caucus at their Dinner to stop whining. He wants them to get into mainstream thinking about values and morals as a road to success.  He hasn’t said that to Gays, Israel, Karsi, or others requesting attention to their concerns.

Black leaders since 1968 want America’s poor to remain victims so they remain relevant.  My Civil Rights hero was Whitney Young, Jr. wrote after the passage of the Civil Rights Bill in 1964 that, “there is little value in a Negro’s obtaining the right to be admitted to hotels and restaurants if he has no cash in his pocket and no job.”[i]

Dr. King stated in “Why We Can’t Wait” published in 1963 that liberals had abandoned the Civil Rights Movement and he sought new direction to obtain equality for the masses immediately, instead of “trickle down” access to America’s promise of freedom.  Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Rev. Al Sharpton, and Ben Jealous of the NAACP have resorted to race baiting in the tragedy of the death of Trayvon Martin.  Going so far as to compare this incident with the Emmitt Till murder, this is not 1955, fast forward 57 years and a false “post-racial” America because we have a half Black president of the United States.

The facts are when you see a young Black man conceal his face with a hoodie you better prepare to defend yourself from a criminal assault. It is not the Ku Klux Klan that the Black community fears today it is young Black men wearing hoodies and committing crimes in unmatched numbers across the country.

Does anyone remember the name, Derrion Albert? For those of you who have forgotten, Mr. Albert was murdered at his high school in June of 2009. We saw the same circus by Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton. The media swirled around the killing for a week; neither cameras nor commentators have been back to follow up on the incident. Reverends Sharpton and Jackson haven’t ridden a Chicago Public School bus since. I guess they were not partial recipients of Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s, $30 million given to the Chicago Public School system.

In 2009, we have over 150 schoolchildren killed by gunfire, and 399 wounded. Now mind you, the Chicago public school system has bought over a 50% dropout rate.  Where is the outrage about the Black on Black, Brown on Brown crime?  Last week a 6-year-old girl was shot to death sitting on the front steps of her home.

I commented on my radio show since 2007 that Chicago had higher death tolls than those in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Rev. Jesse Jackson used my research in his nationally syndicated newspaper column.

Dr. King and civil rights leaders of his era were very inclusive of whites and others in their effort to eradicate racial segregation and create gainful employment for black Americans. Dr. King’s circle of influence included Walter Reuther, another union and political leaders. This new group has been intent to destroy any pragmatic, logical, common sense solutions to the issues black Americans face.  The first is safety in one’s home, then community, and pursuing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without buying into the Brainwashing of others.

One of my own favorite quotes is that Dr. Martin Luther King earned a PhD, he wasn’t a PhD, Pontificator, Hypocrite, or Dumbfounded about the workings of America.  Today most Black preachers, teachers, and politicians are collecting a check.  For the most part few lack any strategic or tactical plans for serving their constituents on every level of government or community.

When I hear black leaders, politicians, and community activists call out “we need more jobs!” It only shows how dumbfounded they are about the workings of government. Instead of asking for loans to start new businesses, access to capital, better schools in their own neighborhoods, and other self-empowering establishment norms. We have legislators at every level calling for more government programs and contracts given to their friends to employ others from outside their districts. These jobs never, I repeat never employ a large number of Black Americans because of the union influence and control.

A good example is Mayor Daley, whom over a 20-year period reduced Black-contracting revenue with the city from 22% to less than 3%. Today, The Chicago O’Hare modernization program (OMP), a $15 billion project it is reported that Black contractors have less than 1/10 of 1% of the business.

When Jesse, Al and Ben get serious about the crime statistics below, maybe citizens will start to believe they know what is going on in the Black communities around the country.  I will only use the numbers from Chicago that are startling.   If we combine Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit the death numbers are overwhelming.

Chicago homicide statistics from January 1, 2007 to present this is how they shape up:


  • Asian              6                      (0.35%)
  • Black              1,711               (100.0%)
  • Female                       1
  • Unknown       146                  (8.53%)
  • White             550                  (32.14%)
  • White includes Hispanic

So for this year our Homicide had been January 40, February-20, in March 38 to date.

[i] Whitney M. Young, Jr., To Be Equal (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1963), p. 54.

Why The NYC Hoodie March Sending the Wrong Message

March 22, 2012

Why The NYC Hoodie March Sends The Wrong Message

                        Blog by Charles Butler March 22, 2012

Let me make clear that I think the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, given the series of events in the media is an atrocity by any measure.  My condolences to the Martin family and may they receive justice and peace.  With all the media attention focused on the wrongful death shooting and botched Sanford police investigation, Mr. Zimmerman will be tried, convicted and my desire is, executed under the Florida state statutes for his tragically misguided deadly actions.

I think the organizers of the march are playing to the wrong side of the issue, in making the hoodie the symbol of the march.  The hoodie worn by any male regardless of ethnicity is a symbol of concealment and danger to those aware of their environment.  The Hoodie March should have focused on Trayvon Martin, the bright, warm, articulate, loving, intelligent, young Black man.  The pictures of him on at a ski resort and in a football uniform are heart breaking for me.  He was obviously not a Boy From da Hood!

The wearing hoodies to conceal one’s identity in the commission of crime is a problem for mall security, shopkeepers, police and residents in U.S. and the U.K. If you Google ban hoodies numerous incidents of city mayors, citizens and police are requesting a ban wearing hoodies at any time.

However, it points out the negative Black American stereotypes that Hollywood and the nightly newscasts have engrained in the American and International psyche over the decades regardless of the pop culture of the time.  Hollywood has justified exploiting of Blacks since the “Birth of Nation”, which President Woodrow Wilson used as a pretext to segregate Washington, D.C. and the Federal government at large.  Blacks have disproportionately been portrayed as criminals, cheats, buffoons, and rapists by the entertainment and news genre. The LIBERAL moniker is a misnomer.

When I drive in urban areas and see Black young men with baby faces dressed in hoodies and baggy pants my antenna for trouble goes way up. Why?  That’s face of drive-by shootings, car jacking other horrendous crimes that I see in movies, television show and news reports.

I have constantly counseled Black men in my family, numerous mentoring events and on my radio show, that like it or not, right or wrong:

You are judged by the books you read, the company you keep,

and how well you speak and dress!

If you are wearing gangbanger clothing attempting to perpetrate or emulate gang members, how are the police, a person a restaurant, elevator, or park setting beside you is to know your character and true identity.

The facts are we communicate on a constant basis using verbal, non-verbal, visual, body movement, smells, and aural messaging.  Yes, we profile and make judgments about each other continually; it is an integral part of communicating.

Over the pass 40 years I have been a victim of mischaracterization during profiling by law enforcement, business people, and other citizens.  I have always demanded to be treated with the respect accorded any other law-abiding citizen.  I could only demand that because of my professional image, the projection and diction of my voice, and knowing my rights as a citizen.

I can cite numerous incidents of professionally-dressed Black American males being harassed by law enforcement because of the their profile.  Baseball great, Joe Morgan, and Laker great Jamal Wilkes, athlete Al Joyner, Rodney King were beaten by LAPD in LAX in the ‘90’s.  The practice continues and if the videotape hadn’t captured the beating the LAPD would have prevailed because they lied in the incident reports.

In Chicago you can be tried and sentenced to prison as a felon for videotaping the CPD at any time.  Which is in total disregard of the U.S. Constitution by the city and state government officials. My latest incident was a year ago driving home at 11:00pm in a Mercedes S550 and being followed by the Chicago Police Department.  I stopped and called the Patrol Sargent to find out why his patrol officers were following me.  He immediately thanked me for the feedback and corrected the practice.


The Selma to Montgomery 2012 March a Ruse

March 19, 2012

 2012 Selma March a Ruse

Blog by Charles Butler, March 9, 2012

The reenactment of the Selma to Montgomery march by the National Action Network and their leader Rev. Al Sharpton was a mockery to the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement (CRM), and an abomination of the original intent and purpose of law-abiding citizens seeking the to exercise their right constitutional right to vote.


The problem for Rev. Sharpton and his Followers, is it not March of 1965.  Presently, Americans have legal remedies to address any infringement on their constitutional right to vote.  Rev. Sharpton wants to relive the past, to remain relevant in the national discourse of the issues.  Would someone tell Al, that Black Americans are free and can think and act for themselves.  He is about 48 years too late with his strategies, and tactics.  They simply are not applicable to issues of Voter ID and Illegal Immigration laws.  Mr. Sharpton is caught in a real life time warp!


We have an African American President in the White House; the symbol of the most powerful leader of the free world.  President Obama is also representative of the racial progress our great nation has made since ending legal segregation in our country 48 years ago.  The irony is the Black vote, that was the cornerstone of marches, protests and demands by millions of Black and White Americans is considered irrelevant by President Obama’s own reelection campaign and the mainstream media in the upcoming national, state or local elections.


I have taken time read all the state Voter ID and the state enforcement of federal immigrant laws and in my opinion these laws are not civil rights violations.  These laws are closely crafted to follow the federal statutes in both areas.


Of the right to vote President Johnson said, ‘‘the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men’’ 


Democrats and pundits are falsely representing The Voter ID laws as the new Jim Crow, great examples are, Cong. Wasserman Schultz and Roland Martin click here to watch.  The Voter ID laws are written in plain-language, and propose reasonable requirements to attain and present identification.  In most cases responsible citizens already possess the identification credentials.


By the federal government’s estimate over 15M illegal immigrants are in our country. It is estimated that the burden of Hispanic illegals is costing the state of Illinois $12 to $4 billion a year depending in the source.


In the 2010 U.S. Census, the growth and count of illegal aliens in the Sanctuary City of Chicago impacted the demographics and threatened the lost of 3 Black wards to Latinos.  The census counts heads not citizenship. The result was Blacks lost one ward in a compromise, because the data revealed that over 30% of the Hispanics residents were illegal aliens, not citizens, or eligible voters.  In Chicago illegal aliens have displaced Black American students, administrators, and teachers by illegally voting in Local School Council elections.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.


Part of being an American citizen is being personally responsible and complying with laws of the land.  In regards to government issued identification of any kind it is harder not to have one, than to have one.  You need state issued identification to qualify for public assistance, to enter a state office, to board an airplane, to buy cigarettes, buy Sudafed, use a vredit card, and many other daily incidents.


On the issue of state Illegal Immigration Laws I only have a comment for the time-warped Rev. Sharpton and his misinformed followers.  Illegal Immigration negatively affects upward mobility of Black Americans and Americans on the lower end of the socio-economic scale in a number of ways.


I conclude with:

“Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave…For the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process.”
(Barbara Jordan, February 24, 1995 Testimony to House Immigration Subcommittee




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