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Think About It This Way with Charles Butler July 16 2011

July 23, 2011

Mike Franc from Heritage Foundation discusses the debt ceiling debate.

Il Rep. Ken Duncan on Flash mobs and guns the state.

Think About It This Way with C. Butler 07162011


NBC Apologizes to Lawmakers for Omitting ‘Under God’ in Pledge –

July 14, 2011

We need to send a message to the Politically Correct that there liberal, immoral beliefs do not reflect the values of all Americans. 

I find it reprehensible that a small of people would dare to change the words of the Pledge of Alligance. 

Stand up America and let these liberal, hope and change types, that like the American way of life just like it is.  If they don’t they need to go to Mexico, or Europe and be happy.

NBC Apologizes to Lawmakers for Omitting ‘Under God’ in Pledge –

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler Podcast July 9, 2011

July 8, 2011

Segment 1 Alderman Howard Brookings of Chicago’s 20th Ward and I discuss speaking white is right and the GOP and the Latino vote for more representation. Enforcing our immigration laws in the city and state in Chicago and Illinois sanctuary status.

Segment 2 James Carfano, Deputy Director at the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation will feature Sec. Donald Rumsfledt at the Ritz Carlton on Pearson in Chicago July 13, 2011 at 11:00am.

Segment 3 A country that is upside down 9th Circuit Court of Appeals clears Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and making money is immoral.

Segment 4 Andrew Breibart and I discuss many topics.

Segment 5 Charles Butler on the issues and President Obama

The Obama Antidote, Texas Gov. Rick Perry

July 5, 2011

I think we found the Obama Antidote, Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He is everything I want in my presidential candidate so far.

A.) Strong track record and Understands small business is the key to growth in the economy.
Comment- This will resonate with the American middle-class and the business community.
The Independents get that we need a person with a strong commitment to creating
jobs without raising taxes.

B.) Good looking and fit.
Comment- He has to appeal to women visually and in 2012 a handsome candidate is what we need
get folks excited. Women tend to vote on looks versus policy since ’92 race.

C.) Brings a man’s man’s attitude to the White House after 4 years of the wimp, we need it
Comment- American wants and needs a real man at the helm of leadership. We are a ship listing
at sea. To right it we need decision making from the Oval Office.

Profits versus Patriotism and the Middle Class

July 4, 2011

Profits versus Patriotism and the Middle Class
by Charles Butler

As I pondered writing this article over the last two weeks, several things began to concern me. The media and government have demonized the American worker for costing too much. I see it a little different in that the country is being forced to accept profits for big American/Global companies over good paying middle class jobs for Americans.

Profits over Patriotism, has gotten out of control, and we as Americans need to address this issue today for future generations of Americans have third world working conditions. It is unconscionable for American CEO pay to increase 23% over the last year, while lying off hundreds of thousands of Americans, and sending their jobs overseas to China, Mexico, and India for more profit. It certainly isn’t quality of product and to uplift the living standards in those countries.

The message of today are no different than a decision made by a great American, Branch Rickey, upon pondering the question to hire the first black man in professional baseball in 1946. Mr. Rickey could have chosen a Cuban, or Dominican black baseball player, but he wanted an American. That American was a former WWII veteran, and U.S. Army Captain named Jackie Robinson and the rest is history. Look at major league baseball today; I don’t watch it because there is not a connection to the players for me. I don’t watch many sports or attend games besides the NFL and NBA. The other sports have too many foreigner athletes for me personally. I am a big Premier Football League fan, but, I don’t like the MSL

I will say to you political pundits, politicians, or media types are not willing to say, the American worker cannot compete with peasant wages in other countries. The average Chinese worker makes a dollar a day. And while it’s hard to conceive to most Americans, that may be a very good wage for them. It always amazed me that Americans cannot understand that $40 per week in Tijuana Mexico is considered an excellent wage. Most Americans lack knowledge about the economic situations in other countries. Most compare foreign country workers wages to ours, that’s because Americans do not travel outside of the United States for the most part.

This morning on the front page of the Los Angeles Times Business section is an article discussing the layoff of BMW warehouse workers in Ontario, CA. These workers had received numerous awards for quality and efficiency of their operations. Their jobs were outsourced to a third party because it cut costs and contributed to a higher bottom line for the Corporation and shareholders. I’m not opposed to corporations making a reasonable profit on their operation. I am opposed to corporations not willing to pay American workers a middle-class wage and provide them with the benefits that they have become accustomed too and deserve for living the greatest country on earth.

Americans have very little to cheer about and be proud of today, we are fighting three wars; President Obama has begun his campaign and will not listen to the military leaders advise on ending the conflicts. We know from Sen. Lindsey Graham’s questioning of military leaders last week that the Afghan plan is more aggressive than they wanted to end the war. We’re dealing with a White House that refuses when asked by Congress to produce documentation, about its domestic and foreign policy. Our country cannot trust the Obama administration to do what is right for the country. They are pandering the special interest groups, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, wall street bankers, and America’s naysayers.

We can discuss all of the business reasons why lower labor should or would be important to American/global corporations, but the bottom line is profit. Just because something is built in China, does not make it cheaper on American shelves. That’s a total fallacy; the product is priced at what the market will bear. So if the product will sell for $399 in Wal-Mart, then maybe 20% less than at Best Buy, because Wal-Mart buys in volume at lower prices. Product marketers do not price products based on how cheap they can sell a product, they base the price on what the market will bear. A Corporation will pay in lower labor costs, and make higher profits.

America has always been the beacon to the world, for a great standard of living for working people. That is vanishing rapidly under the auspices of a United States Congress, and the present and former presidents administrations that have pushed policies that contributed to the vanishing middle class American for campaign dollars.

Americans need to stand up to our government officials and demand that companies that import products into America either pay a higher tariff, or manufacture products here. In the 1990’s Japanese automobile companies strategically built automobile plants in the southern United States because, they assumed that sooner or later, the political tides would cut off the gravy train. The gravy train being an open door policy for imports that disrupted domestic markets with lower costing products from abroad. In reality, the Japanese have never allow American companies to impact their workers, by foreign manufacture.

I believe in fair trade, not free trade and America is receiving neither. We are being asked to compete in the world market trade race our arms and legs tied and blindfolded. We are the biggest, the best, the brightest, I refuted the claims by China and India that they are because American firms are artificially boosting their GNP with our manufacturing jobs and technology.

Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America, and remember that next Fourth of July your job could be outsourced offshore if we do not demand American job now.

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler July 2, 2011

July 4, 2011

This week on Think About It This Way with Charles Butler, July 2, 2011 is recorded in five segments instead of one continuous file. Check it out!

Congressman Danny Davis listen to our conversation:
TAITW 07022011 Cong Davis

Dan Stein, President of Americans for Immigration Reform
How Illegal Immigration impacts the Black Community and working class Americans

Hilary Sheldon, National Spokesman for the NAACP, Voter ID laws and Illegal Immigration
TAITW 07022011 Hillary Sheldon

Ross Rice, FBI Citizen’s Academy in Chicago, IL
TAITW 07022011 Ross Rice FBI Citizens Academy

Summary segment of Think About It This Way with Charles Butler

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