Blog 10 03 2011, Think About It This Way with Charles Butler



This weekend I was invited to participate on a panel at Midwest TEACON that focused on the economy and its future.  It was upbeat about America and its potential and informative for the audience and the panel members.  We had a great time exploring the different strategies and investment opportunities.  Mr. John Ransom of Townhall finance, was the moderator, and Jack Bouroudjian, The Jack B. radio show, Ty Abross, of Traderview and me representing Aricent, LLC. This is the link to TEACON event this past Saturday.  The video to post later.


The MW-TEACON event was a group of about 1200 very nice people that are committed to traditional American morals and values, as I must admit, I am too.  Let me succinctly summarize my believes in America and our way of life, it is to have an equal opportunity to per our laws of the business and economic system to pursue life, liberty and happiness to the level we define for ourselves and family.  The issues of civil rights and human rights, economic participation in the U.S. have definitive perimeters and changing them for the interest of a few without a thorough basis for change will have serious consequences to an orderly society.  One only has to look at the decline of society in Denmark, Finland, and Norway to see the end result of an open and liberal society.  Multiculturalism doesn’t work, and people that don’t want to assimilate to the American way of life should leave ASAP. That is a topic for another blog.


Herman Cain showed up and told the crowd to stay Informed, Involved, Inspired by the Republican candidates because we needed to defeat President Obama and turn this country around to the right track.  Visit my channel on YOUTUBE to see more of his speech.


America is at moral, economic, and social crossroads.   Many in our country want the government to control their lives in hope of providing better jobs, better pay, and welfare (equal to a middle class lifestyle if unemployed), and formulate their ideas.  While others of us demand freedom from whims of the four to eight year rotating chair we call The PresidencyMr. Obama said during his campaign his election would mean the people want to fundamentally transform United States of America.   That is not the president’s job, his constitutional responsibility is to enforce the law of the land, which Mr. Obama has a problem doing because he believes the constitution is outdated as it relates to the modern world.

Peggy Noonan wrote in Wall Street Journal that Mr. Obama told Ron Susskind in an interview for his recent book “Confidence Men” that: “What’s the particular requirement of the president that no one else can do?” He answers: “What the president can do, that nobody else can do, is tell a story to the American people” about where we are as a nation and should be.

As I read the book this weekend I could’ve felt compassion for Mr. Obama and his plight as president, but the one theme of lack of decision-making permeates the book.  “There is discussion about the paralysis and constant relitigation between the president and Mr. Summers. Pg. 459” Mr. Obama said “we didn’t have a clean story that we to tell against which we would measure various actions. Pg. 460”

The problem with Mr. Obama and the Administration of government bureaucrats is that only 5% of them ever worked in the private sector.  They


My opinion is that the majority of Americans are not interested new definitions for marriage, discrimination, social justice, and other important issues that have been co-opted by President Obama’s agenda of transformation.  Mr. Obama appointed people like Van Jones to key positions in the federal government.  If Mr. Jones had not been outed by Glenn Beck he would still be a major domestic policy force in the Obama administration, however there are others to carry the banner, we only have to look to the 32 Czars and federal agencies usurping Congress’s authority.  The administration’s tactics are so brazen that numerous threats of lawsuits have arisen in the last year against the EPA, FCC, and other Czar controlled committees


Why is that significant, I think Mr. Jones’s statements and actions speak for themselves, he wants to overthrow America from within?  He and others in the Obama administration are using young impressionable (dude, Obama is such a cool name to have as president!) students that have not become critical thinkers, even though many are college graduates, to create chaos, discontent and mayhem.  The Wall Street Protestors are a perfect example of citizens attacking capitalism from within the country, under the notion of class warfare.  It will not be a fire starter, like amnesty for illegals.


I have discussed for years that President Obama’s attack on people making $250,000 or more as class-warfare and dangerous.  Mr. Obama’s rhetoric rich-poor, and vision of social democracy is irresponsible.  He takes credit for fanning the ambers of the Arab Spring, and the uprising of poor people to overthrow their governments and to rewrite laws that govern their nations in the Middle East and it’s U.S. allies.  If we take a moment and listen to his message to Americans, not my opinion but his own words Obama and Class Warfare Myth, and Fable, even Democrats do not support his new Jobs Bill, more blame on everyone, but him.


Note to the President:

Mr. Obama you can’t blame Mr. Bush for today’s high +9% unemployment numbers, or the $900B give away that didn’t work.  You can credit Mr. Bush for his aggressive war plans in Iraq and Afghanistan, the CIA Intel that resulted in the killing of Bin Laden and others with his drone deployment strategy, that by the way, you opposed while in the senate and on the campaign trail.  Remember the transparency claims if you were elected? If not let’s take a quick 2-minute review.


Mr. President, sooner or later it comes down to one person and his is the man in the mirror.




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