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Chicago Suntimes wants to puts Young Illegal Immigrants Ahead of American Youth

April 30, 2012

Response to Editorial in the Chicago Suntimes

Editorial Page Chicago Suntimes Give Young Illegal Immigrants a chance Dream Act

Letter to Editor

The “Give young immigrants a chance with Dream Act” is discriminatory against American children born here, who speak English and whose parents pay taxes.  It is truly amazing how generous liberal Americans are to every group that comes to these shores. However, exhibit open hostility and outrage at any attempt at equality for Black American  and poor citizens.  My concerns and thoughts are for all Americans, but in this response it is specifically for Black and poor Americans.

First, how about hiring some skilled and unskilled workers and sizable contracts to Black Americans and all small businesses on the $15 billion O’Hare Modernization Project (OMP).  The city keeps the numbers closed but it is rumored that Blacks have less than 1% of the contracts and little if any meaningful employment.  Second, no taxpayer- funded job, have a bi-lingual requirement, except as related, to non-English related activities with foreigners (whom if they are professional speak perfect English).

I get tired of hearing the phase we are a nation of immigrants, that is a blatant lie, and it should be an affront to any intelligent American.  I am a proud American descendant of African slaves brought to these shores in chains, against their will, to build the American Dream in the 1700’s for others.  For generations the men and woman in my family endured the legal denial of their basic alienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, until the enforcement of Civil Rights Acts in the late 1960’s by Pres. Nixon.

In 1972 my political mentor, Dr. Arthur Fletcher was threaten with death here in Chicago, trying to integrate the trade unions with Blacks.  That’s when Pres. Richard M. Nixon called Mayor Daley and threatened to send the 101st Airborne to Chicago and march down Michigan Ave if he didn’t return safely to the Oval Office the next day.

The truth is Dr. Martin Luther King stated that liberals turned their backs on the Civil Rights Movement after the passage of the Voting Rights Bill in 1964.  In truth Dr. King was disappointed in JFK, LBJ and the moral character of Americans towards its Colored brethren up to his death.  In Why We Can’t Wait King observed: “Whenever this issue of compensatory or preferential treatment for the Negro is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree; but he should ask nothing more.”

Chicago’s South and West sides are nothing but, undeclared war zones for the residents, children, and businesses.  We have/had more people getting killed in Black communities across the country than in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars monthly at it highest peak. I stated numerous times on WVON that Mayor Daley refused to protect Black citizens from crime, violence, and socio-economic chaos.  Justice Alito concluded and opinioned the same in the McDonald vs. City of Chicago gun lawsuit in 2010.

I have a Dream that Black and poor American children live in decent neighborhoods without Urban Terrorists (gangs), bullies in class, pedophiles and felons placed back into their communities to prey on them.  I have a Dream that their parents have good jobs and retirement income.  I have a Dream that little Black and poor boys and girls grow up to be productive citizens and old men.

My Dream Act is that Americans would follow the lead of Barbara Jordan, the first black woman to serve in Congress from the south, testified before Congress on immigration policy in 1995 that an effective policy would deem that that “those who should not be here will be required to leave.”

Larry Summers Tells Falsehoods For BHO

April 29, 2012

Larry Summers blatantly misquoted the findings of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Pres. Obama’s 2013 budget.  In his article (dated April 27th) entitled, “Time for Romney to release a credible budget”, he completely ignored the fact that President Obama’s 2013 budget was rejected by the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 414-0 on March 28th of this year.  Embarrassing?


Mr. Summers suffers from a disease that seems to be common to his ilk of paternal, ultra-liberal, nanny-state minded elitists- ignoring the simple facts.  Today’s Democrats follow a pattern of telling the same lies over, and over, over again until people believe they are telling the truth.  Mr. Obama is the master of this strategy, but it has grown stale on the American public.


Mr. Summers referred to the Congressional Budget Office a non-political scorekeeper.  We remember that during the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) debate in July 2009, Mr. Obama invited the CBO Executive Director, Douglas Elmendorf to the Oval Office for a chat on the CBO’s negative report on AHA savings and cost. A bold gesture that proved a public relations debacle for the President Obama.


I read both CBO reports on President Obama’s 2013 budget.  In the CBO’s report titled An Analysis of the President’s 2013 Budget March 2012, the words stabilizing or sustainable were never used.  In the CBO The Economic Impact of the President’s 2013 Budget April 2012, stabilize is used twice and sustainable once in the report.


Mr. Summers is referring to the paragraph below in his article:


By CBO’s estimates, the President’s budgetary proposals would roughly stabilize the ratio of debt to GDP from 2020 through 2022, before their macroeconomic effects are taken into account. When those effects are incorporated in the estimate, the ratio rises modestly over those years, primarily because the higher deficits under the proposals, compared with those under current law, would raise interest rates and increase interest payments on the federal debt. If the ratio of debt to GDP continued to rise after 2022, the budgetary effects on economic output would become increasingly negative as rising debt crowded out growing amounts of productive capital. Moreover, interest rates would continue to rise, increasing interest payments and therefore deficits and accelerating the erosion of economic output. Ultimately, unabated increases in the ratio of debt to GDP are not sustainable.

If Mr. Summers had summarized the entire paragraph it is clear that the ratio of debt to GDP would be stabilized for only two years, 2020-2022, according to the CBO report.  Additionally, the CBO report concluded, “budgetary effects on economic output would become increasingly negative…  The report is clear about the negative effect of Pres. Obama’s 2013 budget on the economy long-term, and short-term positive effects happening without the implementation of his policies.

Gov. Romney budget plan reduces marginal tax rates by reducing tax expenditures in the spirit of Bowles-Simpson and will pass muster with both the House and Senate. His vision of fairness will chart a path to a better America for all of our citizens through our freedom of ingenuity and the ability to manufacture, distribute and consume as a nation.  His moral compass will reinforce to the world that we are nation of laws and a world leader that will be projected from the Office of the President.  The enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act, Immigration laws, and obeying the Constitution will not be a option for the Romney Administration, it will be their mantra.

Mr. Summers must remember he worked for the one and only Slick Willie, Barack Obama is not one iota of the politician Bill Clinton is in his sleep.  The best thing about the election of Pres. Obama is that it awakened the American people to get involved in the political process again.


April 17, 2012

Over the past two weeks we have been discussing the War on Moms.  Both Democrats and Republicans have taken the august position of championing motherhood. My interest in this topic was peaked when I saw Melissa Harris-Perry do a 30 min. segment on War on Moms on MSNBC last Saturday.


On this topic I want to paraphrase President Obama’s comment to the Congressional Black Caucus in saying to the vocal minority of American Working Women “shut up and quit whining”. Poor mothers and most Black mothers historically worked outside of the home and took care of their families in a traditional manner without complaint.


The concept of today’s Tiger Mom, is the way Black American mothers raised their children before the government got involved in financing family decisions in the 1960’s through various well intended, but flawed social welfare programs.  Thusly it led to the decline in the Black American family and missed opportunities up the ladder to success, foretold by advisor to President Johnson, former U.S. Senator Daniel Moynihan.


Hillary Rosen’s comment that Ann Romney “had never worked a day in her life” was surely ill advised, and a poor choice of words.  All mothers, whether stay at home or not should be respected and praised for raising productive citizens.


Neither Melissa, nor her guests ever mentioned how for generations Black Mothers raised White Americans children all day, did all the household chores, as well as raise their own families and clean their own homes year after year.  These women were the proud mother’s of military men and women, doctors, lawyers, nurses, attorneys, teachers, factory workers and civil servants. Domestic work was the major means of employment income for most Black women until the 1970’s and the Nixon’s Affirmative Action and Woman’s Movement took shape.


I found it interesting the way that Mellissa kind of shirted around the issues that could have lead to more interesting debate, than that of professional working women.  She noted that Eleanor Roosevelt, “…. although wealthy she did a lot of work with the poor”.  Her children were raised by nannies and domestics, mentioned in biographies of Eleanor, whom she found indispensable, raising of her children.


However, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote the New Deal Social Security legislation, he excluded two areas of employment, domestic and agriculture labor, which at that time provided livelihood for over 90% of Black Americans. I like many conservative historians conclude that Pres. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies adversely affected the social and economic gains of Black Americans for decades to come.


An example of how engrained the use of Black domestics were to the raising of children in our country we can look at Hollywood, and the maids listed are only a few.  Hattie McDaniel was the 1st Black actress to receive an Academy award, for her supporting role in Gone With The Wind. She said “I can be a maid for $7 a week or I can play a maid for $700 a week.  Of 17 Black actresses nominated for Best Supporting Actress 8 had roles as domestics or a helper of some type. Out of 9 Black actresses nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, 4 were domestic workers or helpers.  Try finding a little Shirley Temple movie of the 30’s without a Black domestic helper.


Melissa, posed and interesting question that her guests kind of boo-booed. “That’s been part of the angsts if it is good for a middle class woman with resources to be home her under aged kids who are not yet school age, then shouldn’t we also think that is good for a poor woman to be home with her children who are not yet in kindergarten and in that sense the entire Welfare to work politics was moving against valuing stay at home Moms.” Well, who should fund a poor woman staying home? Is there a right to have the government fund your parenthood?  If you can’t afford children, then you shouldn’t have any until you can support them without government assistance, simple.


Joanne Bamberger interjected “You can’t have a world where it is o.k. for privileged Moms and middle class Moms who have the means to stay at home…. And it not O.K., for lower income class women to do that.  …Then why do Republicans go against the Family Medical Leave Act…can’t have it both ways?


I find both Melissa and Joanne reasoning flawed for the following reasons.  First of all having children is a matter of personal and financial responsibility shared between a man and woman.  It should be a bilateral instead of a unilateral decision as it often is in lower socio-economic communities.  Since the enactment of President Johnson’s Great Society programs of the 60’s women having babies without financial support have meant access to decent financial subsistence i.e. source of income, housing, general welfare assistance and even paid education. We should maximum state and federal resources to assist single mothers, and families that have their first unexpected child.  However, after the first child we should cap assistance package at that level regards of the number of children produce by the single mother or the family.


Whatever happened to getting an education/trade, married, saving money to buy a home, then having children when you can afford them?  People used to have only the number of children you could afford on the family’s income.  This was before the advent of birth control products in the late 1960’s.  Women should not be entitled to government financial assistance Just Because They Have a Womb!, and want to start a family. The taxpayer should not fund irresponsible behavior and decisions.


We all know about the generations of Blacks and poor Whites on welfare since the 1960’s, before Pres. Johnson’s attack on the American Family, chronically poor people rarely received public assistance of any kind.  Under President Johnson’s welfare policies the federal and state government provided a woman with children, and without a man in the home, more money than the man could bring home working an honest 40-hour week job.


Yes, there is a difference between economic classes in this country and there should be based on a family’s financial ability to make decisions that impact the family. Melissa, Joanne and Ellen Bravo are pushing for the taxpayers and employers to fund the raising of children.  We are not a socialist nation and people have to make decisions based on their ability to fund their lifestyle.


I want a Gulfstream 10 to fly around the country stay in the best hotels, play golf and give speeches.  Will the government fund my lifestyle decision for me?


Today many men help out with household chores.  There isn’t the stigma attached to going domestic work, or child rearing that it used to have five years ago.  In our modern society it is necessary and enjoyable for most men that I know. When I was growing up everybody pitched in to get things done in the families in my neighborhood.  My Dad didn’t wash dishes, but my brothers and I did every night.  We did all the yard work too and cleaned our rooms before we left for school in the morning.


It has been my experience as an adult that of my friends participated in household chores without a second thought. I guess that’s because they were most military officers.  They were secure in their manhood and wanted to do whatever to spend more time with their family.  In order to do that, things needed to get done, no gender roles, just tasks to be completed.


If modern professional women are going to treat as equals in the workplace then they will have to do what Black American and Tiger Mothers having been doing for generations, get in gear and get the job done and be quiet.


Too many American Mothers today want to be BFF with their children instead of parents. People like me very little sympathy for mothers of unruly and undisciplined  children, because their mother’s feel guilty for not spending more time at home with them.


It is a choice for some women to stay at home and a necessity that others work and the reverse is true.  The results of those decisions are a personal or family matter.  I do not think that  it should be subject to public discourse and drive taxpayer-funded policies of the entire country.


The Disingenuous Black Leadership of 2012

April 1, 2012

Blog by Charles Butler, March 27, 2012

It seems that the self-appointed and media-selected black leadership today will do anything to keep the racial schism well and alive in America.  Whether it is supporting a Presidential candidate without any executive level experience, and a known racial opportunist, or protecting criminals and in the Black community under the guise of racial oppression.  Remember, “A person’s liberalism seems to be related to the distance they are from the problem” Whitney Young.

Since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968, media selected Black leaders continue to promulgate a racial schism in race relations in America. This has contributed to the steady decline and decimation of the black community separated from mainstream America by self-imposed segregation.  President Obama told the Congressional Black Caucus at their Dinner to stop whining. He wants them to get into mainstream thinking about values and morals as a road to success.  He hasn’t said that to Gays, Israel, Karsi, or others requesting attention to their concerns.

Black leaders since 1968 want America’s poor to remain victims so they remain relevant.  My Civil Rights hero was Whitney Young, Jr. wrote after the passage of the Civil Rights Bill in 1964 that, “there is little value in a Negro’s obtaining the right to be admitted to hotels and restaurants if he has no cash in his pocket and no job.”[i]

Dr. King stated in “Why We Can’t Wait” published in 1963 that liberals had abandoned the Civil Rights Movement and he sought new direction to obtain equality for the masses immediately, instead of “trickle down” access to America’s promise of freedom.  Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Rev. Al Sharpton, and Ben Jealous of the NAACP have resorted to race baiting in the tragedy of the death of Trayvon Martin.  Going so far as to compare this incident with the Emmitt Till murder, this is not 1955, fast forward 57 years and a false “post-racial” America because we have a half Black president of the United States.

The facts are when you see a young Black man conceal his face with a hoodie you better prepare to defend yourself from a criminal assault. It is not the Ku Klux Klan that the Black community fears today it is young Black men wearing hoodies and committing crimes in unmatched numbers across the country.

Does anyone remember the name, Derrion Albert? For those of you who have forgotten, Mr. Albert was murdered at his high school in June of 2009. We saw the same circus by Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton. The media swirled around the killing for a week; neither cameras nor commentators have been back to follow up on the incident. Reverends Sharpton and Jackson haven’t ridden a Chicago Public School bus since. I guess they were not partial recipients of Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s, $30 million given to the Chicago Public School system.

In 2009, we have over 150 schoolchildren killed by gunfire, and 399 wounded. Now mind you, the Chicago public school system has bought over a 50% dropout rate.  Where is the outrage about the Black on Black, Brown on Brown crime?  Last week a 6-year-old girl was shot to death sitting on the front steps of her home.

I commented on my radio show since 2007 that Chicago had higher death tolls than those in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Rev. Jesse Jackson used my research in his nationally syndicated newspaper column.

Dr. King and civil rights leaders of his era were very inclusive of whites and others in their effort to eradicate racial segregation and create gainful employment for black Americans. Dr. King’s circle of influence included Walter Reuther, another union and political leaders. This new group has been intent to destroy any pragmatic, logical, common sense solutions to the issues black Americans face.  The first is safety in one’s home, then community, and pursuing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without buying into the Brainwashing of others.

One of my own favorite quotes is that Dr. Martin Luther King earned a PhD, he wasn’t a PhD, Pontificator, Hypocrite, or Dumbfounded about the workings of America.  Today most Black preachers, teachers, and politicians are collecting a check.  For the most part few lack any strategic or tactical plans for serving their constituents on every level of government or community.

When I hear black leaders, politicians, and community activists call out “we need more jobs!” It only shows how dumbfounded they are about the workings of government. Instead of asking for loans to start new businesses, access to capital, better schools in their own neighborhoods, and other self-empowering establishment norms. We have legislators at every level calling for more government programs and contracts given to their friends to employ others from outside their districts. These jobs never, I repeat never employ a large number of Black Americans because of the union influence and control.

A good example is Mayor Daley, whom over a 20-year period reduced Black-contracting revenue with the city from 22% to less than 3%. Today, The Chicago O’Hare modernization program (OMP), a $15 billion project it is reported that Black contractors have less than 1/10 of 1% of the business.

When Jesse, Al and Ben get serious about the crime statistics below, maybe citizens will start to believe they know what is going on in the Black communities around the country.  I will only use the numbers from Chicago that are startling.   If we combine Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit the death numbers are overwhelming.

Chicago homicide statistics from January 1, 2007 to present this is how they shape up:


  • Asian              6                      (0.35%)
  • Black              1,711               (100.0%)
  • Female                       1
  • Unknown       146                  (8.53%)
  • White             550                  (32.14%)
  • White includes Hispanic

So for this year our Homicide had been January 40, February-20, in March 38 to date.

[i] Whitney M. Young, Jr., To Be Equal (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1963), p. 54.

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