Chicago Suntimes wants to puts Young Illegal Immigrants Ahead of American Youth

Response to Editorial in the Chicago Suntimes

Editorial Page Chicago Suntimes Give Young Illegal Immigrants a chance Dream Act

Letter to Editor

The “Give young immigrants a chance with Dream Act” is discriminatory against American children born here, who speak English and whose parents pay taxes.  It is truly amazing how generous liberal Americans are to every group that comes to these shores. However, exhibit open hostility and outrage at any attempt at equality for Black American  and poor citizens.  My concerns and thoughts are for all Americans, but in this response it is specifically for Black and poor Americans.

First, how about hiring some skilled and unskilled workers and sizable contracts to Black Americans and all small businesses on the $15 billion O’Hare Modernization Project (OMP).  The city keeps the numbers closed but it is rumored that Blacks have less than 1% of the contracts and little if any meaningful employment.  Second, no taxpayer- funded job, have a bi-lingual requirement, except as related, to non-English related activities with foreigners (whom if they are professional speak perfect English).

I get tired of hearing the phase we are a nation of immigrants, that is a blatant lie, and it should be an affront to any intelligent American.  I am a proud American descendant of African slaves brought to these shores in chains, against their will, to build the American Dream in the 1700’s for others.  For generations the men and woman in my family endured the legal denial of their basic alienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, until the enforcement of Civil Rights Acts in the late 1960’s by Pres. Nixon.

In 1972 my political mentor, Dr. Arthur Fletcher was threaten with death here in Chicago, trying to integrate the trade unions with Blacks.  That’s when Pres. Richard M. Nixon called Mayor Daley and threatened to send the 101st Airborne to Chicago and march down Michigan Ave if he didn’t return safely to the Oval Office the next day.

The truth is Dr. Martin Luther King stated that liberals turned their backs on the Civil Rights Movement after the passage of the Voting Rights Bill in 1964.  In truth Dr. King was disappointed in JFK, LBJ and the moral character of Americans towards its Colored brethren up to his death.  In Why We Can’t Wait King observed: “Whenever this issue of compensatory or preferential treatment for the Negro is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree; but he should ask nothing more.”

Chicago’s South and West sides are nothing but, undeclared war zones for the residents, children, and businesses.  We have/had more people getting killed in Black communities across the country than in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars monthly at it highest peak. I stated numerous times on WVON that Mayor Daley refused to protect Black citizens from crime, violence, and socio-economic chaos.  Justice Alito concluded and opinioned the same in the McDonald vs. City of Chicago gun lawsuit in 2010.

I have a Dream that Black and poor American children live in decent neighborhoods without Urban Terrorists (gangs), bullies in class, pedophiles and felons placed back into their communities to prey on them.  I have a Dream that their parents have good jobs and retirement income.  I have a Dream that little Black and poor boys and girls grow up to be productive citizens and old men.

My Dream Act is that Americans would follow the lead of Barbara Jordan, the first black woman to serve in Congress from the south, testified before Congress on immigration policy in 1995 that an effective policy would deem that that “those who should not be here will be required to leave.”

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