Obama’s vision of being a citizen of world hurts Americans at home!

Over the last few days I have waited for the mainstream media (MSM) to address some of the issues facing America on the global stage, and so far I have been very disappointed.

I know many of you are wondering what in the heck is Charles talking about now? My hope is that you take the time to do more research about the topics and issues I raise in this short blog and encourage others to do the same.  Then call your Congressman, and Senators with your opinion.

Why is the American MSM discussing Gay Marriage instead of the impact of Russia’s new incoming president, former KGB operative, Vladimir Putin on U.S./Russia relations?  Mr. Putin is violently suppressing the protestors and consolidating political power once again, and the MSM is not reporting on it.  Russia’s most Senior military officer, Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov has warned that Russia may preemptively use “destructive force” and strike American NATO missile defense sites.  The most informative and balanced article I read was in the Times of Israel, they got it right.  You can Google other articles and videos but this very good article on the real issue.  The 2010 START treaty was an American give away by the Obama Administration in the opinion of defense experts on both sides of the aisle.  Then again Mr. Obama, told us his goal is to have a “Non Nuclear World”.  Russian Television (RT) presents their side and it is very weak, but the commentators speak perfect English!

Now, go back and read the beginning of the above paragraph and explain to yourself, how could this topic have not been a major story in the American media.  Russia, threatens a preemptive strike on the U.S. and NATO and it is not the topic is evening or morning news?

The little, if any discussion about this story in the news shows degree of protection the MSM affords Pres. Obama and his administration.  Mr. Sarkozy, and Mr. Netanyahu have publicly referred to Mr. Obama as weak and naïve about world affairs.  Others have been more kind but, critical of his lack of leadership and conviction to any position.

Sunday’s media tour for Obama’s administration was about the issue of Gay Marriage, an emotional social issue for the country.  Meanwhile, the government’s April report on jobs and unemployment numbers were down and we are listening to a campaign pitch from surrogates. Marriage is important to all of our citizens.  I get it!  But, so is the “elected” job of President and Vice President of the United States of America.

Mr. Obama was elected to head the Executive Branch of government, and tasked with enforcing laws, like the SCOTUS rulings, Congressional legislation, Defense of Marriage Act, and Federal Immigration Laws.  Thus far, the esteemed constitutional law professor (not true, a U of C senior lecturer) usurps the Constitution, because he states, “it is outdated”, and does an end run on the Congress with a Czar hierarchy and the use of federal agencies to govern.

Last year, Mr. Obama signed the United Nations Law Of The Sea Treaty, using an Executive Order.  As an esteemed constitutional law professor and former U.S. Senator he knows the treaty will be considered non-binding and illegal.  The LOST treaty, basically gives away our sovereign independence as a nation.  And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Read about it here, for yourself.  The Washington elitist, with their taxpayer-paid 24/7 security guards and transportation should try living without those amenities on the Southeast side of Washington, D.C. for a few days.  I am sure their stance on gun control and efficiency of public transportation would change drastically.

Should remind you that both Barack and Hillary were U.S. Senators and know that a treaty needs 2/3 of the Senate vote to be ratified. The U.S. never ratified joining, Wilson’s brainchild, The League of Nations, but the lame duck Senate of 2012 may vote to pass numerous legislative bills that the American will be voting out in November.

The Obama Administration wants us to focus on the issue of Gay Marriage, which affects less than 1% of the American population, he and his Czars are signing treaties and making policies that adversely affect 99% of the country.

In March of 2009 I foresaw several parallels between President Obama, Presidents’ Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter.  In the case of Wilson, their Ivy League academic backgrounds (Disneyland-like) and visionary nativity about the state of the country and the world seems to be out of touch to the ordinary citizen of U.S.  In the case of Jimmy Carter, one termer because of his policies and beliefs, not the color of his skin.




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