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Obama Goes Too Far On Gay Marriage, losing Black and Independent Voters!

May 16, 2012

Barak Obama has finally pushed Black Americans to make a choice about him, based on his record. His recent evolution in support of Gay Marriage, while telling Blacks to “stop whining” was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  My Democratic friends both Black and White openly acknowledge their disappointment in Mr. Obama’s performance as CIC thus far, and are not supporting him in November.  His arrogance and self-importance has become a topic of conversation among even my most liberal friends.


I received calls over the last few days from disgruntled Blacks that are verbally and factually more Charles Butler than me, in their disapproval of Mr. Obama.  I hear in Black churches across the land Black ministers that still support Mr. Obama are losing credibility with their congregations.  Interestingly enough I declared on election night of November of 2008, “Besides being a historical event, the election of Barak Obama would increase Americans interest and participation in the political process and governance of the country, and that will not bode well for Mr. Obama.”


Black Americans have overlooked President Obama’s neglect of any meaningful dialogue, legislation or action on their behave at any time in his political, professional or person life.  He has eluded anything remotely connected to Black Americans.  This includes the overt exclusion of a Black American from a formal cabinet post, (Eric Holder is clear that he is a Barbadian, not African American), which has not happened in decades.  Since election day I have compared Mr. Obama to Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter and in the last week the parallels could not have become clearer with the Putin/G8 debacle, refusing to address the Russia’s preemptive strike threat on the U.S and NATO, and Gay Marriage support.


Mr. Obama’s support of Gay Marriage is tantamount to and or exceeds President Carter’s gaff of “I asked Amy what was the most important issue … and she said nuclear weaponry” moment.  Mr. Obama claims that Sasha and Malia influenced his view on same-sex activity.  I think as an adult and loving parent their views should have been alarming to him, instead of revisionary.  He should have used it as a teaching moment to say: homosexuality is forbidden in the eyes of God through the written word, and he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and created the Great Flood to do a RESET.


I heard from friends that at their (Black) church services the pastors were declaring last Sunday that it was Obama’s white liberal mother’s side of him that influenced his to support of Gay Marriage.  I have shared more than a few laughs about that the last few days. Too funny!  Totally not P.C. but I am just repeating a reoccurring incident that’s out there among friends.


Remember, when polled most White Americans thought of him as half-white in their reason to vote for him.  Black Americans like Africans are not tolerant of homosexuality from a moral perspective as reflected in the Prop 8 vote in California last year.  It’s connected to a strong social conservative perspective and belief in the Bible.


However, the Black church has long been a haven for Black homosexuals in the choir and for their generous contributions to the collection plate.  The Black clergy has long had a dichotomy with the gay issue in its ranks and congregations.  Booker T. Washington often criticized the Black clergy for the proclivity to sexual indiscretions and promiscuity.   In the Black American community openly gay ministers were/are popular and well-financed.  I can remember people speaking of Prophet Jones and Sweet Daddy Grace in the 50’s and 60’s.  My family strongly disapproved of both men and thought they made a mockery of religion and the race with their feminine behavior.


The Obama’s have been given a pass by the Black clergy and Black media for their overt transgressions over the years against Black Americans and their interests.   The Obama’s have taken healthcare away from the poor at University of Chicago Hospital, cut funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the first year in office refused to do commencement speeches at HBCUs, ignored Black contracting projects, supported the racist employment system of big unions, and the list goes on.  The media appointed Black Leaders would have yelled racist and racism at the top of their Democratized voices, if a Republican President had blatantly ignored Black issues, and the urban agenda.


Obama has disrespected Black America with disregard “in your face” style similar to Woodrow Wilson.  His speech last year to the Congressional Black Caucus was one of the most racist, and embarrassing I have ever heard directed at Black Americans.  In the spiritual style of a Black preacher Mr. Obama told Black folks to “Stop complaining, stop whining, and take off your bedroom slippers…” In other words Aunt Jemima take off that head rag, house coat and house shoes and make some noise for me.  He has never spoken to any other group that way?  The members of the CBC were upset and angry and publicly criticized President Obama for his remarks.  The audacity of this weak, feminine, girlie man-acting dude was an affront of the highest nature. 


My observation is that the Black vote is irrelevant in 2012, as it was 2010.   Mr. Obama’s campaign and others are not concerned about whether they have Blacks vote for the ticket or not.  They are seeking the Latino vote.  Dave Plouffe seemed almost giddy in his book about the campaign and the fact that they didn’t need to spend any serious money to get the Black vote.  The irony of the strategy is that Barack agreed with the decision not to spend advertising dollars with Black media across the country.


We cannot allow politicians or Hollywood to define our morals and values.  Regardless, of the version of the Bible or the translation it is still the same, homosexual activity is unacceptable and unnatural behavior in God’s eyes.  Those of us that believe in the scriptures as written and interpreted over the years, have the right to practice our religious beliefs.


It is time to elect a President who believes that marriage is between a man and woman.  It is time to elect a President who teaches his children morals and values and not the other way around.  It is time to have for someone to represent the American people and the world.  It is time for America to embrace opportunity and justice for all.


The Obamas’ declare an interest in obesity in school children when they know that in 2009 in the Chicago Public School system almost 400 were wounded and 144 killed by gunfire in 2009.  How can children run and play in these warzone-like neighborhoods.  Barack Obama goes to war in Libya, but will not declare a stop to Black school children being killed in the streets of Chicago, a few blocks from his Kenwood home, (not to mention other urban centers) something is missing.


The majority of Black Americans are social and fiscal conservatives by the classic political definitions.  Mr. Obama is a classic liberal, converted Christian (from Islam), and an admitted non-African American by life experience.  If Blacks give him a pass on the Gay issue they deserve the continued exclusion from the national discourse that emanates from the White House.


After all, how can anyone take a group of people serious that continues to vote for a party label instead of their own self-interests and candidates records?  I am sure the great Black leaders of the past like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Charles Houston, Thurgood Marshall are turning over in their graves from the embarrassment of Black Americans continued lack of intellect, and sophistication when it comes to exercising of their “right to vote”.







April 17, 2012

Over the past two weeks we have been discussing the War on Moms.  Both Democrats and Republicans have taken the august position of championing motherhood. My interest in this topic was peaked when I saw Melissa Harris-Perry do a 30 min. segment on War on Moms on MSNBC last Saturday.


On this topic I want to paraphrase President Obama’s comment to the Congressional Black Caucus in saying to the vocal minority of American Working Women “shut up and quit whining”. Poor mothers and most Black mothers historically worked outside of the home and took care of their families in a traditional manner without complaint.


The concept of today’s Tiger Mom, is the way Black American mothers raised their children before the government got involved in financing family decisions in the 1960’s through various well intended, but flawed social welfare programs.  Thusly it led to the decline in the Black American family and missed opportunities up the ladder to success, foretold by advisor to President Johnson, former U.S. Senator Daniel Moynihan.


Hillary Rosen’s comment that Ann Romney “had never worked a day in her life” was surely ill advised, and a poor choice of words.  All mothers, whether stay at home or not should be respected and praised for raising productive citizens.


Neither Melissa, nor her guests ever mentioned how for generations Black Mothers raised White Americans children all day, did all the household chores, as well as raise their own families and clean their own homes year after year.  These women were the proud mother’s of military men and women, doctors, lawyers, nurses, attorneys, teachers, factory workers and civil servants. Domestic work was the major means of employment income for most Black women until the 1970’s and the Nixon’s Affirmative Action and Woman’s Movement took shape.


I found it interesting the way that Mellissa kind of shirted around the issues that could have lead to more interesting debate, than that of professional working women.  She noted that Eleanor Roosevelt, “…. although wealthy she did a lot of work with the poor”.  Her children were raised by nannies and domestics, mentioned in biographies of Eleanor, whom she found indispensable, raising of her children.


However, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote the New Deal Social Security legislation, he excluded two areas of employment, domestic and agriculture labor, which at that time provided livelihood for over 90% of Black Americans. I like many conservative historians conclude that Pres. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies adversely affected the social and economic gains of Black Americans for decades to come.


An example of how engrained the use of Black domestics were to the raising of children in our country we can look at Hollywood, and the maids listed are only a few.  Hattie McDaniel was the 1st Black actress to receive an Academy award, for her supporting role in Gone With The Wind. She said “I can be a maid for $7 a week or I can play a maid for $700 a week.  Of 17 Black actresses nominated for Best Supporting Actress 8 had roles as domestics or a helper of some type. Out of 9 Black actresses nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, 4 were domestic workers or helpers.  Try finding a little Shirley Temple movie of the 30’s without a Black domestic helper.


Melissa, posed and interesting question that her guests kind of boo-booed. “That’s been part of the angsts if it is good for a middle class woman with resources to be home her under aged kids who are not yet school age, then shouldn’t we also think that is good for a poor woman to be home with her children who are not yet in kindergarten and in that sense the entire Welfare to work politics was moving against valuing stay at home Moms.” Well, who should fund a poor woman staying home? Is there a right to have the government fund your parenthood?  If you can’t afford children, then you shouldn’t have any until you can support them without government assistance, simple.


Joanne Bamberger interjected “You can’t have a world where it is o.k. for privileged Moms and middle class Moms who have the means to stay at home…. And it not O.K., for lower income class women to do that.  …Then why do Republicans go against the Family Medical Leave Act…can’t have it both ways?


I find both Melissa and Joanne reasoning flawed for the following reasons.  First of all having children is a matter of personal and financial responsibility shared between a man and woman.  It should be a bilateral instead of a unilateral decision as it often is in lower socio-economic communities.  Since the enactment of President Johnson’s Great Society programs of the 60’s women having babies without financial support have meant access to decent financial subsistence i.e. source of income, housing, general welfare assistance and even paid education. We should maximum state and federal resources to assist single mothers, and families that have their first unexpected child.  However, after the first child we should cap assistance package at that level regards of the number of children produce by the single mother or the family.


Whatever happened to getting an education/trade, married, saving money to buy a home, then having children when you can afford them?  People used to have only the number of children you could afford on the family’s income.  This was before the advent of birth control products in the late 1960’s.  Women should not be entitled to government financial assistance Just Because They Have a Womb!, and want to start a family. The taxpayer should not fund irresponsible behavior and decisions.


We all know about the generations of Blacks and poor Whites on welfare since the 1960’s, before Pres. Johnson’s attack on the American Family, chronically poor people rarely received public assistance of any kind.  Under President Johnson’s welfare policies the federal and state government provided a woman with children, and without a man in the home, more money than the man could bring home working an honest 40-hour week job.


Yes, there is a difference between economic classes in this country and there should be based on a family’s financial ability to make decisions that impact the family. Melissa, Joanne and Ellen Bravo are pushing for the taxpayers and employers to fund the raising of children.  We are not a socialist nation and people have to make decisions based on their ability to fund their lifestyle.


I want a Gulfstream 10 to fly around the country stay in the best hotels, play golf and give speeches.  Will the government fund my lifestyle decision for me?


Today many men help out with household chores.  There isn’t the stigma attached to going domestic work, or child rearing that it used to have five years ago.  In our modern society it is necessary and enjoyable for most men that I know. When I was growing up everybody pitched in to get things done in the families in my neighborhood.  My Dad didn’t wash dishes, but my brothers and I did every night.  We did all the yard work too and cleaned our rooms before we left for school in the morning.


It has been my experience as an adult that of my friends participated in household chores without a second thought. I guess that’s because they were most military officers.  They were secure in their manhood and wanted to do whatever to spend more time with their family.  In order to do that, things needed to get done, no gender roles, just tasks to be completed.


If modern professional women are going to treat as equals in the workplace then they will have to do what Black American and Tiger Mothers having been doing for generations, get in gear and get the job done and be quiet.


Too many American Mothers today want to be BFF with their children instead of parents. People like me very little sympathy for mothers of unruly and undisciplined  children, because their mother’s feel guilty for not spending more time at home with them.


It is a choice for some women to stay at home and a necessity that others work and the reverse is true.  The results of those decisions are a personal or family matter.  I do not think that  it should be subject to public discourse and drive taxpayer-funded policies of the entire country.


Obama Out of Touch at MLK Monument

October 19, 2011

President Obama at the MLK Monument

Blog by Charles Butler, Oct. 19, 2011


Commitment quotes: by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.

            Commitment to Non-violence and Christianity click here


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a man whose whole life revolved around commitment spoke these words above over the years.  Dr. King was raised by an intellectually progressive (not Liberal), who was a Republican and a strong Black man, his namesake Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. He was taught the importance of commitment to your family, God, and country as part of his belief system from a very early age. We must remember, that Dr. King always stressed that he was a proud American, and proud of America which in his own words had many shortcomings. He wanted America abide by the principles the country was founded on and to make it a better place for all Americans and his message grow to encompass all of mankind.


As I watched the introduction of Pres. Obama and listened to his initial comments at the MLK monument, it struck me as odd that Pres. Obama, who throughout his life has been the epitome of the word noncommittal, would be the keynote speaker for a man dedicated to commitment.  I want to add that President George W. Bush oversaw securing a place on the Mall for the MLK monument and the creation of the Smithsonian African American Museum.  Sen. Obama didn’t want to participate in the effort.


Dr. King often stated, “I was not moved after reading the “works of Marx and the whole Communist emphasis, and from the very beginning I was never moved by its suggestions as to how to remove the problems we confront in society.” Dr. King quoted verbatim; I did not paraphrase his words.  Check it out on YouTube.


Okay, where am I going with this you might ask?


Let’s briefly look at the NONCOMMITAL Mr. Obama:

  1. Mr. Obama admitted that he was confused about whether he was Black or White as a young man, which drove him to write his first book.
  2. He experimented with drugs to try to find himself and define his identity.
  3. He converted from Islam and being a Muslim to Christianity.
  4. Since becoming President, will not choose a church to attend in Washington, D.C. for fear of appearing Black, if he attends a Black church (where he and his family are most comfortable), or too white by joining a white congregation, like other presidents.
  5. He cannot commit overt support of Israel, as to not to offend the Arab World.
  6. Rejects his Christian teaching of morals and values in the face of campaign donations from the Gay community.
  7. Rejected his long-time donors and supporters in Chicago in exchange for big money donors in Hollywood and Wall Street.
  8. He was the first presidential candidate to opt-out of public funding after criticizing private donations for candidates and committing not to take them.
  9. Accepted Dan Poulffe’s strategy spend less than $350K of $310M advertising dollars with Black media during the 2008 campaign, and were proud of it.
  10. Speaks condescendingly to Black American audiences (CBC event Sept. 2011) and openly fawns over Latino, Gay, Arab, Socialist leaders from every sector.
  11. Arrogantly took $85M out of the budget from HBCUs before Black leaders called him on the carpet.


Now mind you these are not things that I have made up, or are my interpretation. These are just some facts that I assembled based on the knowledge of Pres. Obama, and there are too many to include in this small space.


My point is that if there ever were a person who could be more the antithesis of Dr. King, it would have to be Pres. Barack Obama. The comparison of the Occupiers of Wall Street, to Dr. King’s message and effort was truly a disgrace to his legacy.


“At this moment, when our politics appear so sharply polarized, and faith in our institutions so greatly diminished, we need more than ever to take heed of Dr. King’s teachings,” Obama said. “He calls on us to stand in the other person’s shoes, to see through their eyes, to understand their pain.”
Well, I can only say that Mr. Obama needs to stand in the shoes of other presidents before him and stop his beckoning from his “bully pulpit” for class warfare, and rebellious behavior from the Occupiers of Wall Street protesters. He would be best advised to stand in the shoes of prominent Black Americans whom he continues to denigrate, condescend too, and embarrass with his Black jive talk and lack of action on urban and economic issues that disproportionately effect their constituents.


Mr. Obama does not have to declare his racial identity, that is obvious, but he should claim his Christian moral compass and stop trying to social engineer, you usurp the legislative process, and impose the fundamental changes on America to meet his own naïve, shallow objectives and his goal of being remembered in history like FDR.  That’s why I call him BHO for Obamacare, Stimulus Bill, 32-Czars, and the list goes on.


I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, Mr. Obama is a one-term president because his policies are more like Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter, and he’s not listening to the majority of the American people. He would do well to read Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF”, because this is a president who has truly lost the common touch.








Blog 10 03 2011, Think About It This Way with Charles Butler

October 3, 2011



This weekend I was invited to participate on a panel at Midwest TEACON that focused on the economy and its future.  It was upbeat about America and its potential and informative for the audience and the panel members.  We had a great time exploring the different strategies and investment opportunities.  Mr. John Ransom of Townhall finance, was the moderator, and Jack Bouroudjian, The Jack B. radio show, Ty Abross, of Traderview and me representing Aricent, LLC. This is the link to TEACON event this past Saturday.  The video to post later.


The MW-TEACON event was a group of about 1200 very nice people that are committed to traditional American morals and values, as I must admit, I am too.  Let me succinctly summarize my believes in America and our way of life, it is to have an equal opportunity to per our laws of the business and economic system to pursue life, liberty and happiness to the level we define for ourselves and family.  The issues of civil rights and human rights, economic participation in the U.S. have definitive perimeters and changing them for the interest of a few without a thorough basis for change will have serious consequences to an orderly society.  One only has to look at the decline of society in Denmark, Finland, and Norway to see the end result of an open and liberal society.  Multiculturalism doesn’t work, and people that don’t want to assimilate to the American way of life should leave ASAP. That is a topic for another blog.


Herman Cain showed up and told the crowd to stay Informed, Involved, Inspired by the Republican candidates because we needed to defeat President Obama and turn this country around to the right track.  Visit my channel on YOUTUBE to see more of his speech.


America is at moral, economic, and social crossroads.   Many in our country want the government to control their lives in hope of providing better jobs, better pay, and welfare (equal to a middle class lifestyle if unemployed), and formulate their ideas.  While others of us demand freedom from whims of the four to eight year rotating chair we call The PresidencyMr. Obama said during his campaign his election would mean the people want to fundamentally transform United States of America.   That is not the president’s job, his constitutional responsibility is to enforce the law of the land, which Mr. Obama has a problem doing because he believes the constitution is outdated as it relates to the modern world.

Peggy Noonan wrote in Wall Street Journal that Mr. Obama told Ron Susskind in an interview for his recent book “Confidence Men” that: “What’s the particular requirement of the president that no one else can do?” He answers: “What the president can do, that nobody else can do, is tell a story to the American people” about where we are as a nation and should be.

As I read the book this weekend I could’ve felt compassion for Mr. Obama and his plight as president, but the one theme of lack of decision-making permeates the book.  “There is discussion about the paralysis and constant relitigation between the president and Mr. Summers. Pg. 459” Mr. Obama said “we didn’t have a clean story that we to tell against which we would measure various actions. Pg. 460”

The problem with Mr. Obama and the Administration of government bureaucrats is that only 5% of them ever worked in the private sector.  They


My opinion is that the majority of Americans are not interested new definitions for marriage, discrimination, social justice, and other important issues that have been co-opted by President Obama’s agenda of transformation.  Mr. Obama appointed people like Van Jones to key positions in the federal government.  If Mr. Jones had not been outed by Glenn Beck he would still be a major domestic policy force in the Obama administration, however there are others to carry the banner, we only have to look to the 32 Czars and federal agencies usurping Congress’s authority.  The administration’s tactics are so brazen that numerous threats of lawsuits have arisen in the last year against the EPA, FCC, and other Czar controlled committees


Why is that significant, I think Mr. Jones’s statements and actions speak for themselves, he wants to overthrow America from within?  He and others in the Obama administration are using young impressionable (dude, Obama is such a cool name to have as president!) students that have not become critical thinkers, even though many are college graduates, to create chaos, discontent and mayhem.  The Wall Street Protestors are a perfect example of citizens attacking capitalism from within the country, under the notion of class warfare.  It will not be a fire starter, like amnesty for illegals.


I have discussed for years that President Obama’s attack on people making $250,000 or more as class-warfare and dangerous.  Mr. Obama’s rhetoric rich-poor, and vision of social democracy is irresponsible.  He takes credit for fanning the ambers of the Arab Spring, and the uprising of poor people to overthrow their governments and to rewrite laws that govern their nations in the Middle East and it’s U.S. allies.  If we take a moment and listen to his message to Americans, not my opinion but his own words Obama and Class Warfare Myth, and Fable, even Democrats do not support his new Jobs Bill, more blame on everyone, but him.


Note to the President:

Mr. Obama you can’t blame Mr. Bush for today’s high +9% unemployment numbers, or the $900B give away that didn’t work.  You can credit Mr. Bush for his aggressive war plans in Iraq and Afghanistan, the CIA Intel that resulted in the killing of Bin Laden and others with his drone deployment strategy, that by the way, you opposed while in the senate and on the campaign trail.  Remember the transparency claims if you were elected? If not let’s take a quick 2-minute review.


Mr. President, sooner or later it comes down to one person and his is the man in the mirror.



Think About It This Way with Charles Butler September 3, 2011

September 12, 2011

We had a great show with Congressman Joe Walsh discussing his decision not to be a part of President Obama’s campaign speech to the Joint session of Congress on September 8th.  Mr Michael Miller joined the discussion to bring a small businessman’s perspective to segment.  It was an outstanding segment for the listening audience.

IL Representative LaShawn Ford and Dr. Jim Economos discuss the Concealed Carry Weapon Law for Illinois.  We had a very engaging and illuminating discussion about the upcoming vote on the gun bill.  We need to eliminate and eradicate criminals from our neighborhoods.

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler September 2, 2011 Podcast

TAITW 09032011 Podcast


Think About It This Way with Charles Butler August 27, 2011

August 29, 2011

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler podcast August 27, 2011

TAITW 08272011

President Obama is a one term president because of his administration and policies.  His Obamacare, support of the Gay Rights Agenda, Illegal Immigration and none defense of the Marriage Act have been a few of the deal breakers for his core constituencies.

We used the president own words about a transparent government, no more secrecy, posting of bills online for 5 days before he signed, ending the hiring of lobbyists into the government, meetings between lobbyists and administration online, no pork barrel projects or corporate welfare.  He reneged on all of these promises without explanation.

He came on T.V. and scared the American people by claiming no Social Security, military, medicare checks would come of the debt ceiling were not lifted, a total fabrication of the facts.

Cong. Joe “You Lie” Wilson was vindicated last week when the Obama administration issued medical and healthcare grants to illegals.

Gen. Bolden was ordered by Obama to bring the Muslims into the space program as his top priority while ending our manned missions.

The prez kicked of his campaign in a border town praising illegals attempts to come to our country and said he would do all he could to help make them citizens and jump over the gators in the moat.

Cong. Waters said the Tea Party could go to hell and that is her district South Central Los Angeles I have been there many times over the years.

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler Aug 20, 2011

August 21, 2011

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler 08202011


This week’s show was outstanding!

I discussed the visceral and intellectual reaction I had with other people viewing the movie The Heat.  The movie was outstanding in every regard especially the realism of the period.  It was a wonderful movie and provided some insight in the lives of these women.  An aspect that wasn’t discussed in the movie was the rape and nonconsensual sex that domestic work exposed these women too.  The ony book that deals with this from a historical perspective is “At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance–A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power” by Danielle McGuire.

Mr. Johnny Taylor, President of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, discussed the new demographic of white students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  It was informative and enlightening and far too short.

Michael Steele, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and MSNBC contributor was on the show providing insight and analysis about the Iowa races, and President Obama’s blame game.

Listen In!

Think It This Way with Charles Butler August 14, 2011

August 15, 2011

TAITW 08132011


My show was back to the high energy level of the past.  We had some of the best guests dealing with topics and issues that are of interest to Americans.

Mr. Curtis Dubay, Senior Policy Analyst, from the Heritage Foundation, he discussed debt ceiling and the consequences for the average American.  He commented that President Obama used emotional scare tactics to try to force the Congress to capitulate to tax increases and the business class and funding of Obamacare.

Oklahoma State Rep. Terrell and Oklahoma Senator Shorty, discussed the House Bill that virtually stopped financial support and the employment of illegal people in their state.  The illegals are heading to the sanctuary state of Illinois.

I discussed the Tea Baby comment in the context of the government jargon for a project that is all mucked up and you can not get unstuck from it.  “Your Boy!” comment by Pat Buchanan and the reaction by Rev. Al Sharpton.

Mr. Steve Beamon was on point about the President’s policies and scare tactics of no paychecks for the military, social security, and other payments to people and agencies.

Mr. Eric Voogd, called from the road to report on his attendance at the straw poll in Iowa for the Chicago Tea Party Patriots.  He need a great job of informing us about the atmosphere.

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler & Co-Host Tom Sodeika

August 7, 2011

TAITW 080611 with Charles Butler and Co-Host Tom Sodeika

Think About It This Way with Charles Butler & Co-Host Tom Sodeika

We discussed some serious topics and consequences of a slow economy.  Tom provide the real world insight about small and mid-size businesses situation and skepticism about the near future.  The new policies from Obamacare, the Frank-Dobb Act, and an uncertain tax environment makes for low confidence in the government and the economy.

Chris Ferrell of Judicial Watch discussed voter identification laws and fraud.  He noted that in various surveys over 80% of the people cross all demographics support voter identification laws.

Open Letter to Ben Jealous, President of NAACP

August 7, 2011

To:    Mr. Benjamin Jealous, President NAACP

Mr. Hilary Shelton, NAACP National Spokesman

Ms. Chris Fleming, V.P. Communication


Dear Mr. Jealous:

I completed an interview this morning on the Craig Henne Show, where I tried to explain the need for Voter ID at the polls.  During my preparation I read your speech to the NAACP conference in Los Angeles last week and it became apparent to me what is wrong in Black America today.  I will sum it up succinctly lack of accountability, personal responsibility, moral character, and a sense of right and wrong.  I will only focus in the Voter ID laws in your speech.

Mr. Jealous, given your position as the President of the old civil rights organization in America, you need to check your facts on voter identification, registration, and ex-felon disenfranchisement.  During your speech to the national conference you made some very serious claims of racism and Jim Crowism that cannot be substantiated by the facts of the situation. It seems to me that it is common sense and logical to require Voter ID at the polls.  I have carried my identification to the polls every election for the last 40 years. Voter ID is NO — Jim Crow short version of a 2500-word document.

Your alarmist and inflammatory rhetoric is shameful and without merit on Voter ID. Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, the Congressional Black Caucus, and you are totally out of synch with Black Americans on Voter ID, School Vouchers, and amnesty for Illegal Immigrants. Most Americans regardless of ethnicity want an opportunity for all Americans to prosper in our great country.  Dr. King would side with me in this debate about Voter ID and fraud because it is fair, legal and without question democratic.  If some people don’t want to vote, it is their right too!  It is harder not to possess a state issued government identification, than to possess one, FACT!

You failed to mention that last April, Lessadolla Sowers, a member of the NAACP Executive Committee in Tunica County MS was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots to run concurrently. She was previously convicted and jailed for passing bad checks.  Nationally, the NAACP involvement in voter fraud cases is growing, and while not to the levels of ACORN, any impropriety it is a blemish on the impeccable reputation of such a great civil right institution.

Read more:

I challenge you to appear on my show Think About It This Way with Charles Butler on AM560 WIND this Saturday, Aug 6th at 6pm and discuss Voter ID. It promises to be spirited, educational, and enlightening for your members and our audience.

The Ex-Felon Disenfranchisement mystic shows the Black leadership/elites continued romanticism and glorification of the criminal element in our community.  The Black intelligentsia treats these violent criminals as oppressed victims of Democracy, when their victims over 99% of time are a law-abiding black person. The focus on ex-felons is a backwards and non-productive effort by black politicians, social workers, and the clergy.  Instead of focusing on the better people in the race, you reach out for the corrupted and dysfunctional of the race.  Totally unbelievable.

In summary, your speech at the conference shows the digression from the forward thinking, democracy oriented leadership that has been the tradition of the NAACP, integration into American society as equal citizens.  Now the NAACP has sided with illegal immigration forces in a misguided allegiance much like the Black-Jewish allegiance of the post-Niagara Movement, that created the NAACP and a divergence from economic development and empowerment and self-help to vulnerable dependence on integration into the American society, workforce and business; that did not come until 1969 under President Nixon, Sec. George Shultz, and Dr. Arthur Fletcher launched the Philadelphia Plan, the forerunner of Affirmative Action.

I can be reached at 312-545-9565, and I will hold the hour open until Thursday 4:00pm CDT.

Best regards, Charles Butler

Charles Butler, Managing Partner, ARICENT, 28 E. Jackson Blvd., Ste. 10B836, Chicago, IL 60604, 312-612-1009

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