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At UN Arab Life Is More Valued than African Life

May 29, 2012

At UN Arab Life Is More Valued than African Life

Blog by Charles Butler May 29, 2012

Former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan is at the center of a civil war created by the west and President Obama’s call to rebel against all oppressors in a visit to Cairo in 2009.  The facts are that during his tenure as Secretary General of the U.N. the organization was the epitome of inaction, incompetence and cowardice in the face of some of the most horrendous crimes against mankind since the Nazi regime and the Holocaust.

Mr. Annan, in a new role as the United Nation Arab League envoy to Syria, is supposed to negotiate a peaceful settlement and transition of power in Syria.  It is ludicrous and baseless for the U.N. and American to support of rebel actions against sovereign governments, regardless of their type.

The world media, and especially US media has totally ignored the civil wars and genocide on the African continent for fear of shedding good blood in a worthless causes. For the most part the 54 countries that make up the continent do not have much if any strategic importance to G-8 economies, and do not threaten the national security of any nation except through terrorist training grounds for Islamic groups.

However, genocide and war continue to ravage the Sudan, Nigeria, and the Congo its civilians are being killed daily and surrounding countries are bearing the burden.  The BBC is the only mainstream media outlet that is reporting the thousands of people killed, the refugees fleeing from these countries.  The Christian Monitor reports that Migrants from South Sudan have been arriving at a rate of 150 to 200 people per day at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya, and it will soon be filled beyond capacity.

Recently, Emmanuel Nyabera, a spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR), “says that many of the refugees coming to Kakuma are overflow from refugee camps in Ethiopia, which is closer to the disputed region.”  This is receding almost 200 people a day and will exceed its capacity in the coming month.  The refugee camps in Kenya are filling the

The Sudanese Civil War alone 1983 2005 killed over 2 million people. The Sudan war is raging again with thousands dying every week.  The Rwandan civil war killed over a half million people, before it ended. The Congo is currently engaged in a civil war killing thousands of people every week.  Nigeria is experiencing another tribal and religious warring conflict displacing thousands of people.

At some point, we must ask ourselves why do Americans and especially Black Americans, politicians, and Democratic Presidents ignore the atrocities in Black Africa.

Let’s contrast recent events and this blog is too short to cover the many incidents, so I will settle for a few:

Bill Clinton turned a blind eye during the Rwandan insurrection, while 500,000 people were slaughtered. However, Clinton took the lead on the Serbian-Bosnian war along with Tony Blair, PM of the U.K.  Their justification for leading these efforts from the platform of the U.N. were the war atrocities perpetrated against civilians. After the war ended he made sure $300M was invested in the capital markets of Bosnia.

Pres. Obama has encouraged regime change in countries like Egypt, Libya, and other nations with closed democracies (previously supported by the U.S.)  As a self-proclaimed citizen of the world, and a real African-American, more accurately stated a Kenyan American. He overlooks the impact that this Sudanese war is having on the Kenyan government.  Mr. Obama distances himself far away from anything Black, foreign or domestic.

Susan Rice the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. was laughed off the floor in January when she wanted the U.N. to intervene in Syria because 12 people were killed by the military.  I twitted her that 12 people were killed in Chicago on the weekend, and if the Obama Administration wanted U.N. respect they should address the conflicts in Sudan, Congo, and Nigeria.  Two weeks later President Obama sent Special Forces operatives to those countries.  They are finally looking to stop the warlord Kony. Coincidence! No looking for a political chit for the campaign.

In contrast, Presidents Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, addressed the atrocities of all civilians regardless of geographical region. To my point, Secretary of State Colin Powell, went to the U.N. in 2003 and asked it to declare a state of genocide in the Sudan.  The U.N. said the war didn’t meet the definition of genocide. Today we still have thousands of refugees fleeing the war between Sudan and South Sudan on a daily basis.

President George W. Bush, is credited by African leaders of single-handedly eliminating malaria from the continent by funding a “net” program that the Obama administration promptly ended in taking office. And he also funded the HIV/AID programs with more money than ever previously provided to African health organizations.

The Congressional Black Caucus continues to be dysfunctional and uninvolved in matters related to the continent of Africa.  You would think that people, who call themselves African-Americans, would be interested in the issues affecting the continent. Since the death of Congressman Mickey Leland, no one in the CBC has brought focus to the economic development, capital markets and governmental issues in Africa of any significance.

Americans should be aware of Mainstream Media our government’s selective manner in protecting human life.  We are having discussions about funding abortions, when tens of thousands of people are dying from starvation and dehydration.  We can provide the continent of Africa the means to be a global competitor just as we have with Japan, China, and Europe.


Memorial Day and an Unpatroitic President

May 30, 2011

Think About It This Way With Charles Butler May 28, 2011

As we honor the meaning of Memorial Day I cannot help but think of the current undermining the will of the People by the first Black American President, Barak Obama, on illegal immigration, Libya, Afghanistan, Medicare, Stimulus, the economy to name a few.

President Obama and his administration have used many tactics to subvert the President’s constitutional responsibility to enforce the laws of our great nation.  This is a president that picks the laws he wants to enforce and ignores others.  He does it all with a smile and a wink, while he attacks the basic moral principles and values the majority of us hold dear.  Barak Obama has to go 2012, for the good of the country.

He launched his campaign in El Paso, TX two weeks and mocked the people of Arizona that passed a state law written on federal law to enforce illegal immigration.  He said “They won’t be happy until they get a moat with alligators along the border”.  He lied about the fence being built, he stopped the funding and the fence is less than one percent.  He lied about the safety of the border and the Sheriff Babeu, of Pinal County along the border says different.   This is a President that cannot be trusted to speak the truth at any time.  He is always in campaign mode and has not switched to governing the country.

President Obama plays the race and class card, hoping to divide Americans once again.  He has bamboozled the American people for the last time, because I think most of us are on to his little game.  Black Americans state openly that they will not vote for him next election.  So, President Obama appoints Rev. Al Sharpton the Ambassador for Black America.  It is an insult to all Americans and especially Black Americans to be humiliated by the sheer buffoonery of the appointment by President Obama.  An Ambassador works for the U.S. State Department and reports to the Secretary of State, in this case Ms. Hilary Clinton, Al does not!  An Ambassador represents the American people, not a racial or ethnic group!  Where are the Jewish, Polish, Sudanese, Jamaican, Chinese, Korean Ambassadors, do you start to get my point.   Al Sharpton doesn’t represent my interests or the interests of most Black Americans in this country.  His reputation is not held in high regard in spite of the media and the Black and White ruling class attempts to provide a leader for Black America.

We need to send a message to President Obama about his perceived lack of strength and respect by other world leaders on the global stage.  His lack of engagement about the consequences of the decisions he makes; like sending U.S. jet fighters into Libya and taking off for a party in Rio, killing Gadhafi’s grandchildren and not acknowledging the mistake to bomb a residence, taking credit for killing bin Laden while prosecuting the CIA agents that gave us the intelligence, letting Israel embarrass him in the Oval office, and then Russian president Medvedev do the same thing over the missile defense at the G-8 meeting.

All of these things seem like a lack of attention to detail.  We cannot afford this amateurism by the Obama administration any longer.  Someone should tell him that real lives are being lost and money spent that we don’t have on his foreign policy give-aways.

God bless you all and God bless America, we only have a year and few months to weather the storm.

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