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Memorial Day and an Unpatroitic President

May 30, 2011

Think About It This Way With Charles Butler May 28, 2011

As we honor the meaning of Memorial Day I cannot help but think of the current undermining the will of the People by the first Black American President, Barak Obama, on illegal immigration, Libya, Afghanistan, Medicare, Stimulus, the economy to name a few.

President Obama and his administration have used many tactics to subvert the President’s constitutional responsibility to enforce the laws of our great nation.  This is a president that picks the laws he wants to enforce and ignores others.  He does it all with a smile and a wink, while he attacks the basic moral principles and values the majority of us hold dear.  Barak Obama has to go 2012, for the good of the country.

He launched his campaign in El Paso, TX two weeks and mocked the people of Arizona that passed a state law written on federal law to enforce illegal immigration.  He said “They won’t be happy until they get a moat with alligators along the border”.  He lied about the fence being built, he stopped the funding and the fence is less than one percent.  He lied about the safety of the border and the Sheriff Babeu, of Pinal County along the border says different.   This is a President that cannot be trusted to speak the truth at any time.  He is always in campaign mode and has not switched to governing the country.

President Obama plays the race and class card, hoping to divide Americans once again.  He has bamboozled the American people for the last time, because I think most of us are on to his little game.  Black Americans state openly that they will not vote for him next election.  So, President Obama appoints Rev. Al Sharpton the Ambassador for Black America.  It is an insult to all Americans and especially Black Americans to be humiliated by the sheer buffoonery of the appointment by President Obama.  An Ambassador works for the U.S. State Department and reports to the Secretary of State, in this case Ms. Hilary Clinton, Al does not!  An Ambassador represents the American people, not a racial or ethnic group!  Where are the Jewish, Polish, Sudanese, Jamaican, Chinese, Korean Ambassadors, do you start to get my point.   Al Sharpton doesn’t represent my interests or the interests of most Black Americans in this country.  His reputation is not held in high regard in spite of the media and the Black and White ruling class attempts to provide a leader for Black America.

We need to send a message to President Obama about his perceived lack of strength and respect by other world leaders on the global stage.  His lack of engagement about the consequences of the decisions he makes; like sending U.S. jet fighters into Libya and taking off for a party in Rio, killing Gadhafi’s grandchildren and not acknowledging the mistake to bomb a residence, taking credit for killing bin Laden while prosecuting the CIA agents that gave us the intelligence, letting Israel embarrass him in the Oval office, and then Russian president Medvedev do the same thing over the missile defense at the G-8 meeting.

All of these things seem like a lack of attention to detail.  We cannot afford this amateurism by the Obama administration any longer.  Someone should tell him that real lives are being lost and money spent that we don’t have on his foreign policy give-aways.

God bless you all and God bless America, we only have a year and few months to weather the storm.


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