Rahm Puts Chik-Fil-A And Gay Marriage Ahead of Safety for Black and Brown Citizens In Chicago

Rahm Puts Chik-Fil-A And Gay Marriage Ahead of Safety for Black and Brown Citizens In Chicago


Rahm Puts Chik-Fil-A And Gay Marriage Ahead of Safety for Black and Brown Citizens In Chicago

Blog by Charles Butler July 26, 2012


No wonder Americans and specially Black-Americans have little or no faith in government given the lack of concern literally, that government has for the value of lives. The killing in Chicago is greater than in Afghanistan, but I said that back in 2007.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, places defending gay marriage, above defending the very lives and the quality of living on Chicago’s South and West side.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated some: “Chick-Fil-A’s are not Chicago’s values”.  This is egregious statement given that most Chicagoans probably do not support gay marriage, says the city is over 40% black, gay anything is persona non grata, DOA.  The most conservative ethnic group in America, that votes liberal.

Mayor Emanuel values are not my values and I live in Chicago too! I believe in traditional morals and values. I don’t support gay marriage but support civil unions. I am insulted and offended by people who feel it’s important for me to know how they have decided to engage in sexual activities. It is not my business; it should be personal not discussed in public.  I really don’t care about sexual orientation, I accept everyone to be professional, socially acceptable, and a decent human being at all times, where is sex mentioned in that description.

Sorry to say it but Black folks, have been duped again by their Chicago Democratic politicians seeking to render access to everyone but them.

Mr. Emanuel has implemented plans to make Chicago the most immigrant friendly city in the world, while black Americans whom have lived here for generations feel alienated by a city culture that still discriminates against life liberty and the pursuit of happiness based on the color of their skin.  Black businesses have less than 5% of the city contracts, poor school buildings, and war zone like conditions in their communities.  Chicago residents suffer from high incidences of PTSD in adults and children.  “The Season” as it is known at area hospitals has gotten off to record setting pace, Black on Black genocide.  It has drawn the attention of the national media.

Rahm is more worried about the acceptance of gay marriage then he is the wholesale killing of black and brown citizens in the city, just like his predecessor, Mayor Daley. In the SCOTUS McDonald vs. Chicago, Justice Alito acknowledged the neglect by the city to protect citizens in high crime areas.

Let add another statistic that might be alarming to you in 2009, Chicago public schools over 390 children were wounded, and 144 killed. The city quite publishing these numbers so we have no way of knowing how many children are being gunned down in the streets of Chicago.

As a talk show host, since 2007 I called for the Fruit of Islam, the governor to send in the National Guard, or the POTUS to send in federal troops to suppress the urban terrorists that continue to terrorize law-abiding citizens, through their brazen and senseless violence.

I think Rahm Emanuel needs focus his priorities on getting the City of Chicago under control. We could start with the enforcement of jaywalking laws. Reducing parking tickets to $30.00, a  $40 city sticker, let the air be priced by its value to the individual.

Chicagoans should be outraged about Rahm’s behavior. Chicken fillet is a good corporate citizen, providing over 90 jobs, buying from local suppliers and vendors, and paying tax revenue to the city coffers. They want to add another 200 jobs at two city locations.

When are ever going to get some people in public office on any level that understand one simple fact: citizens make the economy and country what it is and not the politicians, nor the government.  Hard working salt of the earth men and women make America, America?

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